Baby Moon :- Enjoy the Pregnancy
|   Oct 15, 2016
Baby Moon :- Enjoy the Pregnancy

Most of Pregnant women are taking pregnancy as an illness & forgetting about enjoying this precious time.

Obviously they are experiencing many complaints in different trimesters in terms of morning sickness, Pain, weakness, hormonal imbalance, mood swings etc.

But the women who are reading this blog can actually answer that these conditions are not permanent throughout pregnancy & all women are not getting all the discomforts.

Apart from that intensity of complaint also differ from person to person.

The thing which actually ruining our happiness is over thinking & over hearing about pregnancy.

Everyone around you is giving you advices & instructions which finally lead to frustration & tension.

These advices actually not harmful for you but remember that you are already consulting a Gynecologist, who is expert in field, so why to follow Lehman’s advices without scientific base.


The best way to avoid such condition is delay the announcement of pregnancy (at least 4 month, or even 5th also if baby bump is not visible).

Visit your doctor regularly & follow his instruction. I didn’t get any physical complaint throughout pregnancy still I visited my doctor every 15 days since beginning.

He always used to say the same thing in every visit that it’s a nature’s best miracle and you should just enjoy the journey, eat healthy & keep yourself active.

So no need to follow or hear layman advices as If you start follow those things then you will forget to enjoy pregnancy as 9 months is not a small period, you can’t live happily if you have to follow list of rules & regulations for such a long period.

I spend this time with my husband only (occasionally there were visitors also).

If you are planning to be with your parents or “in-laws” during this time then it’s a bad idea, as their advices are output of over-possessiveness.

Their 10 advices are helpful out of 100. So if you are willing to stay under CCTV surveillance for 9 months then it’s an other thing.

It seems some negative as I am talking about stay away from parents but you can compare it to your honeymoon. Definitely your parents are not with you that time.

So now it’s about “Baby moon”…..enjoy the journey with your husband only, don’t bother about health as your doctor is expert for this.

You can take some advices from new moms (your friends or sisters), as they can share their experiences very well which are more relevant or comparable also.

Do you expect that your mum or MIL will talk to you about stretch marks, kegel exercise, contraction timer, maternity bras, disposable panties etc?

Mostly No !!

Their talks are about,” eat this thing so your baby will get a fair complexion, or big eyes or good hairs”..

Or their will be predictions only about baby boy or girl by just looking at your tummy or inquiring about your habits.

I mean what about Genetic study ??

But yes, you can follow some good advices to make them happy. Do this thing very diplomatically, if you will direct oppose then be ready to hear “we have also raised our kids & we also follow elders, even we did not get so many facilities which you are getting, or my in laws were so rude, never support me, still I bring your husband in this world…etc etc..)

Their talks will only about how difficult their pregnancy was.

Most of will exaggerated their pregnancy time & make yourself feel like you are being treated like a Queen, but everyone knows about the reality.

So no need to tolerate this kind of drama, better to keep yourself busy in reading, cooking, writing or whatever your hobbies are…

If you are not able to manage cooking or other household stuffs then better to hire a cook & maid.

I was able to do cooking still I kept one so I can spend more time with my husband.

Create a peaceful environment around you, don’t bother about household chores.

Don’t compromise with your beauty or style, I mean keep yourself well groomed always.

You can visit nearby places (gardens or temples) with hubby.

Can go for movies, shopping,restaurant, salloon or exhibitions with him.

Plan a pregnancy photo shoot.

Just be careful about hygiene and also try to be fully hydrated.

(As I always keep water bottle and some snacks in my beg).

We hang out in rainy season also. Definitely I avoid to ride a bike, other safe options are available (car, bus or taxi).

Long journey always avoided by us, & once it was urgent to go then we hire a private taxi (As train was not available on that route)..

So do not trap yourself in your house, be active and visit places with carefully.

We visited a fort which was over hills just before 15 days of due date, people over react when they came to know about this & advice not to take such a dangerous risk.

But we consider it was a most awesome trip of our life, we went there after collecting all detail about Lift, food, ambulance, transport, food or water.

It’s just about manage everything more systemically, be prepare for any medical emergency, keep your hospital bag ready after 7th month, keep all reports well arranged, visit the maternity home where you are planning for delivery, Inquire about availability of bed & other facilities, keep your phonebook updated which has some important phone numbers.

Just be more creative, its not about being over adventurous. Be slow or steady while using stairs or while walking over wet floor, but don’t put yourself on a bed rest.

Just enjoy the “Baby moon”, don’t waste this time in use less conversation or negativity.









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