|   Mar 04, 2017

This was an experience way back in 2007 which I wanted to write about. Going abroad or ONSITE (in corporate terms) remained an aspiration for anybody sometime back – though it is’nt that fascinating these days as it has become a way of life today. I was no exception to this dream of flying abroad.With all that excitement I boarded the British Airways. In spite of being one of the best international airways – flying in British Airways was damn boring as I had to put some extra efforts to make new friends on my way for I was travelling all alone. When I checked in the suite at New Jersey was quite tired with a little pressure of figuring out things by myself in a new place. Then I took this reliance calling card to call back home to convey my safe landing. Here goes the no. which I had to dial. 9-1-1-4-5……………… I dialled and then realized I dialed something wrong – mid way. I disconnected the call and thought will phone a little later.

Right after 5 minutes – there was somebody at the door. Ah man – There was a COP at my door. He asked “did u dial 9-1-1?” – I was blinking. He stressed on the same line again. I said “may be – yes – I don’t know – any problem?” .

Did you guys know 9-1-1?. I never knew – till this incident.

He asked my name, citizenship etc. I asked him – what was the matter. He said “that was an emergency number – and did you dial it”. I said “M sorry – by mistake”. Then the phone rang. The suite receptionist – she said “Mam did U dial 9-1-1 – There might be a COP at your door”.

9-1-1 was indeed a 9-11 experience for me – with all the tiredness and pressure I landed there. Today I laugh aloud when I recall it

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