PARENTING – LET the Child GO & LET the Child GROW
|   Mar 10, 2017
PARENTING – LET the Child GO & LET the Child GROW

A park filled enormously with kids on all days of a week is quite an unseen sight these days. May be we get to see this on weekends when the Children parks are overcrowded. Rest of the week, kids are completely obsessed with the idiot box / gadgets at home or a lot of project works right from pre kg. I’m surprised to see kids around the age of 3 who are so comfortable with touch screen mobile features that I have not yet invaded. No wonder kids inherit the habit of holding to a gadget most of the time - from their Parents. These are the major family practices that have changed over a period of time, unlike good old practices like kids playing in park on all days of the week, Kids not exposed to any gadgets instead surrounded by Friends or relatives most of the time who engage and play with them, kids reading bedtime stories

I still remember those days when my evening snack / food after I return home from my school – would be a cup of Carrot Juice (which I hated but still drank as my mother forced to) and a Bowl of Multi Millet porridge that was homemade. Point to be noted: the Carrot Juice & the Millet Porridge had jaggery added for sweet taste instead of the white sugar. Today one of the major topics received well, amongst my friends / colleagues is what healthy food recipes do we make at home for our kids that could be an everyday snack.  We fail to do that mostly I believe. These are the dietary / food practices that have drastically changed. Today the largest column in our grocery list is the snacks column that includes stuffs like Cool drinks, Kinder Joy chocolates, Variety of Cream biscuits, ready to eat foods etc


All these change in Family practices, Dietary Practices, nuclear family set ups etc have contributed to various deficiency and disorders in today’s kids. To name a few – autism, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorders) and many more is what Doctors and Experts say today.

Apart from what experts say – what I personally feel is

  • Our tendency to look every act of a normal kid with a magnified glass
  • Our habit (Parent’s habit, Teacher’s habit and all the other adult’s habit) of comparing our kid with other kids


have brought us here today – to talk about such disorders


Well – this being the case what do we do next?


I had an opportunity to closely look at ways and means – how a kid can be occupied with so many fun filled activities that can make him/her bud as natural individual.

The major difference I see between our childhood days and today is we had our kiddo friends with whom we naturally engaged our time every day. We use to play our own outdoor games. But today such neighborhoods and environment have reduced, thus calling for us to create such environments by shedding our money ie we need to pay for our kids to happily play with some more kids. But we can definitely provide some activities for our kids / group of kids – which can make them happy at the same time improve their skills like concentration, personal skills etc

Here are a few activities which I had a chance to witness.


  • Pick up each cherry fruit (from 1 plate) by pricking it with a tooth pick and placing it in another plate. Use only your right hand
  • Have a small cardboard (less thickness). Punch it with holes using a punching machine at equidistance. Give it to your child and ask them to roll woolen threads in out through each hole
  • Take ice cream stick (wooden ones). Use cloth drying clips and pin each end of the stick with each clip
  • Encourage your kid to do painting in their own way – Please don’t worry about the cleaning u need to do then
  • Ask them to peel an orange / sweet lime – let them do some kitchen stuff as well
  • Open peanut shells
  • Draw vertical lines on newspapers and ask kids to tear it by those lines
  • Put over the rubber bands in a tumbler
  • Put holes in a plastic cup – ask children to pierce the holes with straws. May be they can fill the cup with water by picking water through an ink filler and drop the water into cup through the straws already inserted
  • Make the children wear socks by themselves

I believe such activities – help children improve their creativity, give more work to their hands, entertains them, makes them concentrate on a job for few minutes, teach them how to do their own day to day activities etc

I believe its Parents and Adults who need to learn to let our kids bud and blossom beautifully in their own way. Let’s do it. Let our Children GO & Let our Children GROW

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