|   Feb 17, 2017

Sometimes there comes along a day that you could rewind it again and again whenever required. Last Saturday was one of those.The day started of so dull as I discovered my music classes were cancelled for that weekend. It sounded even more boring for I had no plans made for the weekend. I regret this – our lifestyle has forced us to even plan our weekends with execution of great strategies. People do say Planning makes things better but I have my reservations on this statement when it comes to planning for “Sweet Nothings” – like catching up with a friend after a long time, going for a movie. Do we have to plan for such things in advance - which are dearer to us?

Coming back to my Saturday – I was doing few regular routine – weekend washing, late breakfast and little cleaning of my room. There I heard my mobile ringing. I happily picked it up as it was not an office call. That was my friend who was leaving to US in a couple of weeks. We guys thought we shall catch up in an hour for it had been a long time since we met. She then came to my place and we started riding in the OMR  (Old Mahabalipuram Road) road with absolutely no clue of what we wanted to do. We got into a shopping mall with a plan of window shopping only. For the first time it also ended up as window shopping only:-) When we came out it was drizzling and looked like gonna rain heavily. We stayed for 10 minutes there telling each other – lets not get wet – though we actually thought of getting drenched.Then with all the zeal of getting drenched started riding towards my place again. It was such a refreshing ride I had in my Chennai life. I was actually feeling the lines of Tamil Poet Vairamuthu “Andha megham suranda paalil en nanaiya marukirai – nee vazha vandha vazhvil oru pagudhi izhakirai – Nee kangal moodi karaiyum bodhu mannil sorgam eidhuvai” from the song Chinna Chinna Mazhai Thuli. (Eng version: You would really miss an episode in your life if you fail to get drenched in rain and you would feel the heaven on earth when you get drenched). No….I should have not translated those lines. Language is beautiful when u interpret the meaning / essence in the same language only.It was evening and we had a good hot chai at my place and we were pretending to watch some show on TV so seriously. Then smiled at each other and got ready for another ride in the rain towards my friends’ place.This Saturday unplugged was the best and above all our pedicure cost was saved, free wash of the bike and loads and loads of fun to recall – I had to repeat my weekend washing though :-(

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