5 lessons of my life which I don't want my children to follow
|   Jun 06, 2016
5 lessons of my life which I don't want my children to follow

We pass through different phases of our life; from baby to kid, than teenager, than adult and finally parents. Every phase has some learnings which makes us strong and we as a parents always wants it to use them as a betterment for our next generations. So that they can make their life more hassle free than expected. But I have a different notion on this.

 I feel the lessons which I have learnt is something which I don't  want my children to follow these. 

1.I don't  want them to say Yes to everything: It feels good when you see your child never disobeys you. You tell them and they say yes. I remember my early years when many a time I never had guts to say NO to my parents. Whether its studies, some hobby classes , post graduation studies. We did what our parents wanted us to do. I want my children to listen to their heart and follow their passion. Live your life which you want as. 2. Never is late to learn: learning is an ongoing process and there is no age for that. Learn what ever you want to and dont  restrict yourself from it. You never know when these learnings will bring miracles for you. 3.There is no man and woman work:- Its important to know right from the beginning that no work is defined as typical man or woman. A man can learn cooking and a woman can definitely learn how to change the punctured tyre of a car. Learn everything which comes to your way and accept. 4.Dont  let people to take you for granted:-  we live in a society and do follow some rules and regulations. People sometimes are good and sometimes just opposite. They do interfere and comment on each and every thing but do speak out your heart and tell them frankly what you feels about them. Silence is not an answer everytime. Never let anyone to take on you for any reason. 5.Be strong enough to take your own decisions : its always good to use your discretion and take decisions. This habit need to be engraved from very beginning. Think  and decide what works best for you. Dont  follow others blindly. Well I won't  say that I was one of the silent victim of all above but never followed that completely. Now after three  and a half decades of my life I have learnt that these are so important but  realised so late.

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