A brave Mom who finally lost her battle
|   Jul 28, 2016
A brave Mom who finally lost her battle

Mothers are assumed as no lesser than a God. One who carries a life in her womb for nine months; bears a pain to deliver; embraces all difficulties to bring up a baby. What all that one can imagine, to that extent where a Mom's love never fades away. As the time passes by the bonding becomes better and more attached. I am also a mother of two. I know how it takes years to bring up a child and when you even put your soul into it.

Every mom has its own challenges. Sometimes we find it difficult to manage our own families, our mundane task, our relations. We keep running in every race whether it belongs to us or not; whether we are eligible for that race or not.  But our children dont feel so. They are free birds who just want to fly with their own pace. They love to play, to enjoy every moment which comes to them. Nothing stops them! They are absolutely free from all worries and stress.

I know one boy of eight years, sometimes he plays with my daughter. They shifted to our society some 2-3 years back. Hardly once I had interacted with his mom. Anyways, it happens sometimes you don't get time to connect with few people. Few of my friends are good friends of her as their children are of same age and daily they plays together.

Last year October, we got to know that his mother is not here for the last 3 months. Even my friend who was in touch with her didn't know much as why she was not here. She was working with a MNC so we had presumed may be officially she was out. Then one day she asked that boy, who frequently used to come to her house to play with her son. He said, "she is not well and getting a treatment in Delhi".We just took it lightly and thought that may be she would have encountered some minor problem and would be treating that.

 After few more weeks, my friend got to know that she was suffering from cancer and that to of last stage. We all were shocked to know! We knows how difficult is to accept for a family and especially for a so young son. Her chemotherapy was in routine  and she had lost all her long hairs and body weight. It was like someone had pushed her 20 years ahead of her life. I remember when I saw her last time in the month of January. She was little OKAY, health wise and was able to walk. For the first instance, I couldnt recognize her.

But the smile and happiness on her face was same. She knew she was battling with a demon. She had never shown her weakness to the outer world and had always welcomed every guest to her house whoever had visited to see her. With her zeal to live every second and every moment with her family and around no one could imagine that how strong was this lady.

But today she had finally lost her battle. An early morning call from my friend that she is no more left me speechless and little broken. Though I never knew her personally but daily I see her son playing down with his friends. He is just 8 years. He doesnt know what is this demon called'CANCER' and how it effects someones life. He just knows that his mom is not well and will be alright later on.

She was a brave lady who fought every second with this deadly disease.

My only pray to God, please rest her soul in peace and a courage to her family.

I also pray for every mom in this world who is busy in nurturing her family with love and compassion to be in their best of good health.

PS: to all the moms, if you really love your family than please take good care of your health.

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