A healthy breakfast- must and first for every child.
|   Mar 04, 2016
A healthy breakfast- must and first for every child.

I stay in a apartment, little big. So every evening I gets a chance to sit and chit chat about our daily chores and some odd habits of our children with other mommies. Few days back , we had a discussion for having a breakfast ,before kids go to school. Many of them just said….only a glass of milk and nothing else. I was little shocked. Because after milk they travel for an hour, than another two more hours for prayers and study . Thereafter comes the short break. Is it really easy for them to stay for next more than two hours with just a glass of milk. Not so. 

When my elder daughter started going to class 1 last year, I did lot of R&D to develop good breakfast habits. Finally I have come to the conclusion that it should be must and first in the morning. I always try to make her ready before 20 minutes when she leaves for school . Just for a breakfast , a proper one with no hurry -burry.

This is also in particular to all mommies whose kids will soon start going to primary. Yes, Primary. Long working hours, too much of writing, extra curricular activities and many more. I am settled in Bangalore so especially southern region where child leaves early to school and comes back late. You can say almost more than 60% of a day is being spent in school or travelling. Here the school starts at 8.30 and ends up 3.30. Hmm pretty long hours. And extended hours to those who travels for long. Early pick up and last drop if the distance between your house and school is far off.

In fact I would say every kid more or less travels the same or spends averagely same hours outside home. We often heard of “ breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Do we really imply on this? But I must say we should have to once your child enters in class 1.
Yes, I am talking about a good breakfast which most of them miss. Only a glass of milk just not enough. They do have two snack breaks one for 10 minutes and another one for half an hr. In case if the kid is not full in morning breakfast, they might end up eating more during short break. Ultimately by the time of main break , he / she is already full and might miss to eat as well. 
Those who don’t do proper breakfast are more tend to eat junk and munching all the time and also a poor concentration . Whatever time the kid leaves from home, I make sure that child should have proper breakfast . We can serve them vegetable sandwich, idli-sambhar, dosa, scrambled egg or boiled egg, milk with fruits, stuff parantha, poori, plain parantha with jam and many more depending upon taste and comfort to cook. Please avoid junk .
A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So breakfast is the first and must . I do follow the same with my kids and makes sure that whatever time they leave they should be power packed with breakfast. Short breaks we can always add some fruit or biscuits as a little energy booster. So that till main break they really have hunger to eat well.
A good breakfast stays for the whole day- mentally and physically. Let’s make a habit of it, the early it is , more better it will be.

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