A newspaper connect
|   Oct 06, 2016
A newspaper connect

We face many transitions in our life. We pass through different phases; from a girl to woman; woman to wife; wife to mom and so on. We keep changing down the years and thus our habits and preferences. How soon we become one of the responsible person we never know.

Our wardrobe gets a makeover, our hairstyles, our footwear, interiors, food habits, preferences and myriad of things. But I feel one thing that doesn’t change with time is” Newspaper”. Yes, the same which we team up daily with our morning tea. Years and years over and its the same, leaving aside few additional magazine sections. I always had a penchant to read newspaper  in early years of my childhood and still continuing even after motherhood, when so many things take a back seat. Reading a Newspaper was never missed out of my routine. Animated story of Hagar, beetle bailey, speaking tree and weekly horoscope which is still prominent and many other interesting reads on editorial page which you wait every week to read. Short , sweet, fun loving and of course, which widens your own aura of knowledge!

When I started working post my studies I had a very hectic schedule but always managed to read newspaper either while traveling or in office. Giving a miss to the newspaper was not less than a crime for me. Then finally the stage of motherhood, the most dreaded and awaited phase. Even that time stealing few minutes to connect to the world was one of my priorities.

Newspaper is something which is engrossed in our daily lives and especially with me and may be with many Moms too.Whatever way I spend my day- busy, free, good, bad, traveling, I ensure that I read it or take it along with me. I feel it’s really important for everyone and especially for Moms to read it once. No need to spend hours or to involve deeply into it. It’s not all about Politics and finance which is not everyone’s cup of tea but it does have lot of information and awareness which is equally important.

I was shocked when few of my friends confessed that they don’t read newspaper at all and not any online news and magazines. Most of them are stay- at –home- moms and few working too. 

Of course no offence to any particular category but being not aware of  what's happening around? How feasible it is with present situation?

I understand for working mom, still have an option to read it online anytime in the office but what about Stay–at-home- mom. Don’t they need to know what’s happening in and around. Even I am a stay at home mom and I know how important it is to read it.

It’s terrible to see how you can close your eyes with so many things happening around you. It’s equally important for everyone and especially for mothers who thinks news is not their priority. Beside murders and rapes there is much more to read and knowledge has no boundaries.

Please read, if not in the morning, read it by evening with your cup of tea.

Keep you updated with current situations. You never know when anything falls on you and you won’t be able to tackle just because of incomplete information.

Reading gives you knowledge and confidence too so that no one can dare to cheat you.

Why there is a feel and perception that Newspaper has nothing to do with stay at home people. Make it an important task in your routine.

It connects you with the whole world in few seconds when you are restricted with yourself and your own family.

It gives you knowledge for those subjects which is out of your imagination.

It gives you empowerment to grow with others.

Its gives you better ideas to be healthy and safe.

And it gives you a confidence to speak in any forum because knowledge makes you more confident and gives wings to fly.

So make a habit, shell out few minutes for the newspaper and this is for those who  gives  newspaper a miss!

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