A woman of substance- Neena
|   Mar 16, 2016
A woman of substance- Neena

Wow! Its my college annual fest today I need to be best in my outfit. Neena murmured to herself. She has put her best kajal, eye liner, a good hair do, palazzo with side slit kurta, matching terracotta accessories and flat kolhapuri chappal. She was looking very pretty and charming.So I am ready to rock said Neena and promptly she kept all her important things in her bag before she left for a college.College was at a distance of just ten minutes walk.Suddenly her morning alarm rang. Its 6.00 am in the morning . She opened her eyes and looked around. Her two kids were sleeping silently. Yes, she was dreaming of herself back 15 years.Immediately she rushed to kitchen as she has to cook for both children and husband. All four burners on and here is Neena. Milk on one, tea on another, vegetable in one and pasta on one. Uff what a life.. She had never thought that she will be so deft in cooking one day.There was a time when she just knows how to cook Maggi.  Whenever her mother used to tell her to please learn something she used to ignore it or just took it as a lighter note.But the fact is time will make you learn everything .This is what Neena learnt when she became Mom. How she learnt all Indian and other cuisines at a go. How she learnt to buy vegetables, to do daily chores so deftly.How she always busy in with her family and hardly have time for herself. Picking, dropping of kids, teaching them , extra curricular and many.I think this is the phase which every woman passes through. Every stage has its own learning. Few learns to swim fast and few struggles. But at the end everyone wins. Yes ,they wins everyones heart with their love and affection.This is what a woman of substance who learns in every phase and we all are Neena at some particular point of time.Pic courtesy: Ruchir Saraf

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