Are you an Organic Lover?
|   Dec 28, 2016
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Are you an Organic Lover?

I must say it’s a new era word or the old wine in new bottle. There was the time when this word was more linked to mud, open spaces, free play, a walk in the garden, outdoor games etc. That earthy fragrance during the rainy season was amongst the best of all. Those paper boats in dirty water which never gave us any infection and those harsh sunny days which never burnt our skin.  But If I really need to go back to the roots then with the each passing year we have shrunk to being artificial. Now we are more into buying the organic from showrooms and the race to use them. Surely you need to pay more than the double of price for being a nature lover but it's fine with few or those who can actually afford it.

With this fast moving life getting a daily dose of organic is nothing less than a luxury. Certainly, I am also a part of the sandwich generation who struggle hard to balance between the two extreme scenarios. For me being an organic is just not confined to buying an organic stuff when even I am also not sure they are actually or not?

It’s not an easy to know the core source but certainly, few things which are close to nature can drive our life to live in a much better way.

I am a nature lover and being amidst of trees, open lawns, rainy season, a vitamin-D in sunlight is always on my wish list. Still, it would be skeptical to accept that they are an easy go with everyone.

But still I manage to prioritize few on my hit list:

To walk for at least 15-20 minutes to breathe fresh.

A daily dose of seasonal fruits as they are less loaded with chemicals.

Few minutes of direct or indirect sunlight -this can compensate vitamin-D in our body.

For us, Cold drinks (soda based) and junk food is just luxuries which we afford only during festival time.

A healthy habit to eat more at home, comprising of all types of fruits and vegetables, grains being cooked in a same conventional way with less oil.

And a daily dose of natural fiber in our diet to balance the dietary intake and balancing the cholesterol level. I found Quaker Oats is one of that handy or organic millet which is versatile and can be eaten in either way. With water or milk whatever form you want to blend it as per your taste. And moreover, it’s not just a bland food now as new flavors have changed the perception of being a boring food.

So what’s your daily intake of Organic lifestyle? Please share few!

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