Bengaluru Mass Molestation Case- Just another News Or Something Else?
|   Jan 04, 2017
Bengaluru Mass Molestation Case- Just another News Or Something Else?

I remember the incident which happened 2-3 years back when I was venturing out with my family in a park during wee hours in Bengaluru. When we moved out of the park I noticed a  flashmob performing against eve-teasing and cat calling. I had seen them getting ready and knew through their Placard and banner but my husband didn’t notice them that they were just acting. When he heard one of the boys asking the girl’s address while she was passing by he immediately intervened, held his collars and angrily replied,” Should I tell you her address and how dare you can tease a girl in a middle of the road who was just passing by”. He got little frightened and got surprised as they didn’t expect the real time entry in their show. And the team clarified that its just a road show to make people aware of the challenges a girl can face and it’s high time when people should sensitize the matter to personal level too! People around us laughed out high and we moved ahead leaving on a good note!

When we talk about eve-teasing, molestation cases, and many such cases our blood boils but most of the time we are always helpless. The question of women's security, moral police and the illogical statement from all around the world makes me confuse that it's really a sin to be a woman? And being a mother of two daughters the concerns are increasing day by day!

Daily we talk about feminism, women security, being modern and sensitivity but where it goes when it comes to practical things? I was surprised to see the Brigade road mass molestation case in Bengaluru. I mean, where we are heading? With such incidence, I always feel that we are back to olden days where women were just someone's property and she had no rights and freedom.

Why we always forget that when we talk about our daughters and wives then these girls are also someone's daughter and someone's wives or sisters. They equally respect them as we do on our personal level.

Why the blame game is always on women or being dressed in western wear or profession she chose to work? That means the women who wear typical Indian wear are never molested??

What about those small children where the dressing sense is nowhere in the picture?

Then whose fault is this?

The crime rate is competing with the urbanization and I don’t really see any major change. The only thing is getting higher is concerns of mothers like me as for how they should train their next generations to handle this kind of people.

I am confused and worried that we are in a society where a woman is not safe anywhere. Her freedom and choice will always be questioned everywhere and the blame game will always be on her.

Can I question Law and order, the police personnel deployed there or the mentality of our society? But I am just losing the faith every day when I read those cases of molestation in school, train and in public area and the judgment is not satisfied as of now. Cases are going on with their own speed and the law and order are still handicapped. Why don't we run a fast track where some message will go to the public?

Why the victims of Nirbhaya case are still there??

I am fed up of these discarded statements every second day where no one talks about a victim and the trauma she faces.

I know only one thing, for perpetrators, there is no caste no breed, no dress code and no age ………………they are a just burden on our society and we all are just letting them be.

I am still awaiting for the period when I will read the news where people around a woman will raise themselves to protect her against these evils and not deciding whether she is young or old, dressed up in western or Indian wear, being rich or poor or being in a day or night.

A woman can choose to work as a photographer, a bartender or cab driver or any profession which she wants to and things will change when we will respect her freedom of choice with no Ifs and buts!!

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