Blog mania@mycity4kids.
|   Feb 25, 2016
Blog mania@mycity4kids.
How the water flows when you open some clogged part. Uninterrupted, with full force…just flow and flow. I  think same happened to me when I started writing blogs on mycity4kids. It was like stagnant things rushed out from me. I never had any professional training to write content or to be a blogger. Neither I would say I never liked writing or reading. But sometimes you need a platform to vent out your views so that a good and bad experience can be shared with others. There must be many moms who want to share their experiences as a contribution to society.
Well for me, this just happened. I have been reading blogs on my Facebook page but never thought that one day even my write up will be posted .
So first write up was just a start and many more to write. Parenting automatically gives you new headlines and content to write.
So no worries….on what to write.
 Everyday after posting my blogs  , I will think , enough for today. Take a break and will write some other day. But this blog mania is so much on my head that I just can’t stop me to write.
Even I was asking my younger one to pick her blocks which she has strewn everywhere in house. Instead of asking her “ please pick up your blocks “ I was telling her” please pick up your blogs”.
But this busyness and obsession to write is a good feel when you see its worth posting each and every write up or blog. Even if it clicks to one parent its typical like paisa wasool ……type.
Contributions to make better societies can be done from anywhere and in any form. Lets contribute are best…even if it’s a blog.
Happy writing with all the happiness.

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