Body Shaming-Is there Any End To It?
|   Jul 25, 2017
 Body Shaming-Is there Any End To It?

Recently one of my friends shared a funny instance with me. An eight year is appreciating 10 years for the slim figure and asking,” Are you on diet”?

Another seven years old who is a picky eater and very much concerned about her looks. The only and justified reason that she might put on some extra pounds if she‘ll eat more. Being a girl she should be slim and sporty.

I was amazed to hear these insignificant stories.

As a parent of two, I fear such inclinations towards my children. And as far as bullying is concerned, that is much different to this aspect. But a fear of getting bullied because of the body might compel them to think in that manner. Bullying is much severe than this!

But my concern doesn’t stop here. I understand and know that in today’s world fitness is the new FAD word. For anyone or everyone getting into shape or starving high to get the perfect shape is the ultimate. All thanks to the environment we are in. The society where we live; the social media connect which directly or indirectly affects us. The profile picture on our Face book account or the ever changing display picture on whats APP, there is absolutely no end to look good and fit.

Whatever the situation we must accept the burden to look perfect is seeping into the minds of our young generation. Else how can a child be so obsessed with the fitness when their age is a much beyond these limits.

Body shaming has become a new illness which encapsulates our freedom to live the way we want to. Many kinds of research in the past has proved that being a healthy has nothing to do with few extra or less mass in our body. The perception of fitness is much beyond the Kilogram mantra. I am not denying the fact that regular exercise and eating right is the universal truth of fitness. But at large, there is something beyond this achievement.

People need to understand that body shaming (especially to young girls/women) is doing nothing better than harm.

I know many who starve themselves to reduce that extra fat because your friends don’t want that extra pounds on you?

Ironically, I don’t understand why people want us to be like them? Or like someone else? Can’t a person live as what she is?

Might she be comfortable being skinny or being overweight or being dark complexioned or could be anything? Body shaming can only deteriorate positiveness, self-confidence and of course, the very much ME. You will surely lose love for yourself!

But where is the full-stop?

Why should we pay heed to such bullies in our life?

Why do we need to work on their personal expectations?

Why can’t we love ourselves, whatever way we are?

And why can’t others love and accept us the way we look? Dark complexioned/Skinny/Fat/ugly.

Why are we not raising our voice against it?

Why we let others comment and drive us the way they want?

Or a person is all about clothing/complexion/swag?

I wish I could ask each bully what satisfaction they get when they body shame others? And how would they feel if we do the same with them?

In this world of fashion, perfection, glitzy lifestyle and the unlimited obsession which is not everyone’s cup of tea, let’s spare body shaming.  It would be best if we can delete it from our dictionary.

The impact is passing through our next generations in a negative manner and affecting all of us considerably.


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