Bursting few myths about women
|   Jun 07, 2016
Bursting few myths about women

Sometimes I really wonder if being a woman by default means that one has to become the victim of certain biased beliefs which have been continuing for so many years. While we talk about woman's liberation and empowerment, the mentality of few has not changed. Don't  know what will change their mindset or will it never?

I am sure that many would have gone through the below -mentioned concerns in their lifetime. But we need to tell the world that everyone is not same. And please please stop shaming women because of biased myths and prejudices that people blindly follow.

Driving: Any wrong turn means that must be a lady driver. Uff. This scenario is common on roads. For them, a woman can never become a good driver in anyways. But hello Mr. Please change your perception and we women can definitely drive better. How about those male drivers who drive crazily on road or as if its their birth right? Then why pointing a woman only!

Dressing up : We sometimes take a gig on those jokes where wife takes a lot of time to get ready. But just to correct this, men are equally competing in this queue.  And not necessarily that every woman takes hours to get ready. We even take a second to do that.

Always gossip and criticize: Four women altogether means gossip and criticism. Not at all, we do talk about politics, values, good teaching ways, habits and socializing . So excuse us we are not made to gossip always.

Born multitasker: Oh God! A married woman especially, must be a  good cook, a good driver, beautiful , can stitch, can shop and umpteen. Don't take these as default settings in us. We are also humans and not born as the multitasker. Yes, we do strive our best to perform well. But in case we can also hire a good cook, a driver, a help. No harm in that.

Shopoholic: Social media is full of jokes on women as shopoholic. Like they can spend a whole day to find out one saree, or to bargain the best out of it. They just know how to spend money without thinking of others. Just to give a pause here, there is nothing like this. There are many who just hate shopping and bargaining. They can be one of those who just enters in one shop and comes out with the single purchase.

Not good managers : Women have excelled everywhere. Big corporates, defense services and almost all. Many think and do believe that they are not good managers or workers. They might quit in between due to family pressure or will fly off with their respective husbands. But nothing like this. They do take a break sometimes due to family commitments but they have always justified their work. They always perform  best . If a woman can manage so many tasks altogether and alone then why not accept them as good managers.


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