Don't underestimate the power of common woman
|   Jul 16, 2016
Don't underestimate the power of common woman

A food for thought infact! The irony reflects the two words- Power and Woman. I know its a little skeptical to say especially with our  male chauvinist society that a common woman really has powers? Its not about muscular power but the inbuilt power of a woman. A hidden WILL power.

A woman might think herself as a suppressed section of the society but we cant deny the fact that we are in the country of Durga and Kaali who were the destroyer of all evils.

I know a good education plays an important role in every woman to get the courage, intelligence and a will to fight back for her rights.

People around us still have that mentality that a woman cant  be offensive most of times and can be taken for granted.

Sometimes even an educated woman dont  finds that courage to fight back for their rights and on the  contrary an underprivileged or an uneducated does it with pride.

So whats  stopping  for us to fight back for even those small issues that we  take it as OKAY  with us and that Jaane do' type of attitude.

If I really see myself than I was amongst those who had the same notion. Not a rebellion types. If any shopkeeper is cheatingOKAY. If anyone not giving you changeOKAY. If anyone torturing you.. OKAY. Than I had realised this is not the way things will move. If we really expect a better society for our next generations than we have to start with it and fight back. We just cant  let anyone to go away with the cheating.

Of course you can always do a charity or social work voluntarily but dont  accept cheating even for a single rupee.

To  make it more clear I bought one new two wheeler scooter  three years back. After a month I had to give it for free service. Next very day after service I found its not starting on its own though it was a auto start scooter. I had called the service center guys with the problem I was facing. They had justified me with the facts that I am not using it frequently and for longer distances thats  why  battery is not working on auto start and I need to kick it. I took their words  as it is. After few days I spoke to few of my friends that if this is this a regular problem in auto start two wheelers. I was surprised to know the facts that it has nothing to do with the  distance or how  frequent you use it. I realised they had cheated me with a different note.( Service centre).

I again called them and didnt surprise when they were reluctant to check it. I had no other option than putting the online complain on their website. I wrote about all issue and how these guys were cheating on battery issue.

Within an hour after I had posted the issue, I got a call from service center guy and been told that he is coming right away to pick the two wheeler and cant  leave your request unattended. He came and took my two wheeler. He told me that the battery is not working but how is it possible that within a month of buying a new scooter the battery stops working. Of course while doing the first service they would have had done something intentionally or unintentionally. Finally they replaced the battery and didnt charge anything for that and dropped back the two wheeler at my doorstep.

I was happy and little surprised that how people take you for granted and cheat you in every possible way.

 There were many instances like this where I was being cheated and I fought back.  Writing is one of the biggest tool nowadays to fight back with your grievances. Even a common woman can do it, you just need a WILL to fight back for every issue in your life.

Dont underestimate your powers as a common woman, you are much much powerful. Just need an introspection.

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