Existence of conventional parenting in this modern world!
|   Sep 16, 2016
Existence  of conventional parenting in this modern world!

Parenting has become little easy with new Gadgets and technologies. List is endless like smart phones, tablets, I-pad, microwave, Laptop, marker board etc. Most of the time parents take so much pride to share as how much their routine life is connected with  technology. How technology is taking over them slowly or hovering over them to ease their work. Normally I don’t intervene in such discussions until unless the necessity drives me to do so and if another person is really interested to hear your suggestions! Still I feel, free advices are never worth and can only make a difference when asked for. Preaching others just like a routine work can never be taken as good, even if it is worth!

Anyway, coming back to the conventional parenting mantra and necessity to follow till the time it  works well with our family.


I strongly beleive that few old practices which were predominantly ruling in India should be continued and let’s not technology hover it to any cost. 

Side effects are almost NILL!

Though there is no Bible for parenting and it works only with hit and trial. Every family is different and so the challenges.  I am also not sure how far it will go with everyone. Still a food for thought!


Chalk and duster: Market is flooded with so many hi -tech writing boards. You ask anything and  it's available  just a click away. But we still believe in writing with chalk on blackboard. I have placed one good size blackboard and have made my children to write over that. Dictation, maths problem, free hand drawing, tables everything they do. The best part of blackboard is: you can see even from a distance for mistakes they have done and their imaginations on a bigger canvas. Instead of scribbling on a notebook and wasting it, I feel this is quite  a better option.


A big NO to I-Pads, laptops and mobile games: One of the biggest threat to childhood when they are getting hooked by these gadgets. They are so dependent on Google at such a tender age. To check the spellings, meaning, project, poem and almost everything is being searched on internet. I would say the easiest way to find it. But I am sorry; in my case we have Desktop in our house and dictionaries if they want to learn something or watch. Dictionary: to check out the meaning and other referral books to get to know better. NO I- pads, no tablets and no games on mobile phones. I can somehow save their eyes, and increase their vocabulary by looking into dictionary when they will read few more words to search. Reading a book is always better than reading it on-line.


Conventional cooking: We don’t have a microwave in our home! Really surprising right! With this age and era it’s difficult to digest. We still cook the conventional way in iron kadhai, steel cookers and minimum use of plastic. Definitely, keeping a tab on oil intake and a junk food too. Reheating is also the conventional way.


De-stressing the natural way:  Modern age parenting is blessed with lots of stress at all levels. All thanks to our lifestyle! It's difficult to predict that only typical working class is stressed. Even a child can have exam stress too; a stay at home mom can be stressed and old age people can also fall into this category. So what is the way out?

What could be the best way to beat regular stress? Our routine is packed with fixed itinerary and we just can’t afford to go out every week to beat the stress. 

Well, this can be taken care if we shell out few minutes from our mundane life. Meditation,Yoga, listening to some instrumental music, a walk with nature. These activities  don’t need a major time out of your day. But the impact is really commendable. Don’t look out for age and a perfection to follow this.

Additional to that we can always afford to have an oil bath, children too (once in a week)

Oiling your scalp or hairs with natural oil at least twice a week and before going to bed.

 I really don’t know how this conventional parenting really exists on a larger scale but I know following few good old things has nothing to do with the popularity.

The impact indeed  is very much positive and I can vouch on these as a part of good lifestyle.All these can be practised and followed at any age with no extra expenses and burden.


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to drop by your valuable matras of life. May be I will also learn few.

PS: This is purely on my personal experience. Different people do have different belief and practices for a healthy lifestyle.



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