Halder Nag- A dreamer and an achiever.
|   Apr 02, 2016
Halder Nag- A dreamer and an achiever.

Who says dreams need certain degrees to fulfill. This is well proved by Odisha's  Haldar Nag after achieving Padma Shri  award- one of the highest civilian awards in India from the president of India last week.

He is a class 3 dropout and could not attend school after his father’s death.

Many can wonder why class 3 dropout for literary field. An irony infact.

Who says you need a degree to write and he has proved it very beautifully. You just need a beautiful heart for it and how well you connects with others.

Yes, he is a poet who writes in Kosli language. A contributor to Oriya literature and an inspiration to many.

 But one thing is for sure dreams don’t sense degrees. It really doesn’t matters when your dreams are high and you chase them with all your efforts and passion.

A person will always make out its way out to get it. Nothing can stop him.

I pity on those who blames to others or their circumstances for failures in their life. Achievement is when you emerge out as a beautiful and strong person inspite of all odd situations.

Afterall no one can impact so much on someone’s life untill unless they themselves involved in it. An individual’s capacity to grow ,fight and give the best is a personal choice.

We have to choose where we want to be.

There is no stopping for the dreamers and achievers.

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