#Having a baby changes everything - Even our perspective towards our parents!
|   Oct 17, 2016
#Having a baby changes everything - Even our perspective towards our parents!

Before parenting, we all had a past. As a child; a teenager; a young working mind. We just can’t leave aside that time when we would have had suffered generation gap with others.  It could be with our own parents, younger ones or grandparents. Many times when we fought with them and proving them wrong was our main motto.

All those times when we didn’t care for our parent's advice and felt the so- called generation gap.

All those time when they worked hard for us but we felt, Oh! Every parent does this and you did nothing special for us.

All that time when we had a bad phase and we didn’t value their advice.

But the real picture comes to us when we become parents.

Isn’t it?

I know many can nod their head with the above statement and may be few left with the unsatisfied answer. Even I had the same perception when I was young.  In that crucial age ,when everyone thinks that they are right and rest others might disagree on same because of a so-called generation gap.

This is the story of every human life cycle and the picture takes a reverse gear when we step into parenthood, especially with mothers. Because God has created Women in a way that she is indeed an epitome of love, understanding, compassion and with more emotional quotient. Parenthood makes us feel that whatever we do for our children is the best and there is no second thought on that.

We sometimes listen to our children and sometimes ignore them.  A mental stress to coax or to pressurize on few things on them is not always the easy go. Then we realize that how our parents would have managed us and that too without any technological support and helping hands that we have now. Still, they did best for us!

They might have missed celebrating our birthdays in an elite restaurant but they had always made sure to keep us happy.

They might not have spent so much on us but they spent their precious time with us.

They might not know to cook Italian or Mexican but never missed to serve us the best.

They might be running out of budget but they never missed to buy gifts for us.

That time may be every second day we would have thought of how our parents are not able to satisfy our needs and all those weird discussions for which we had hurt them.

But the real time has its own saying. Become parents and feel the PAIN and JOY too with your younger ones.

A feel of pain when you won't be able to match up their demand and a Joy that you gets from their hug.

A feel of pain when you have the contradictory conversation with your younger ones and at the end , they tag you as unloving parents and a feel of JOY when they confide you with all their secrets.

A feel of pain when our younger one’s health takes a toll. How we run around in anxiety and pray to God for their well-being and a joy when we see their mysterious smile.

How your heart skips a beat when your little one gets late from school even for a minute. And the Joy you feel when they hold you tightly.

This is what motherhood is all about and how I have changed like many others. When we become parents we get closer to our own parents too with  love, emotions,and togetherness and with NO regrets and complain.


That’s why we say, the pain and joy of can be felt only when you fall in same trap!

This is one of the emotional sides how #having a baby changes everything. And on the positive side, this phase is a good learning for each of us and for a more positive approach in coming future.

Happy parenting!







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