Hurray! Two years of primary schooling and hardly couple of leaves all together.
|   Mar 30, 2016
Hurray! Two years of primary schooling and hardly couple of leaves all together.

I can see all children enjoying their post- session holidays here in Bangalore. Summer camps , outings all are in peak.

Even I am waiting for this as my daughter still have school for an another week.The curriculum is already over but still they are busy in the culminating day, few projects which they do at school, session end parties and so on.

Today morning when she was having her breakfast she just said Tomorrow is my culminating day and I have been given so many tasks and presentations to give.I just asked her, why so, after all they have a strength of 25 kids. She just replied hardly kids are coming to school.All on leave or already out for vacation.Thank God! I don't believe in taking unnecessary leaves until unless its so required.

She is in class 2, and being in Bangalore means hectic school hours. From 8.30 till 3.30pm.If they miss even a single day, we can make out what all important they have missed. Lessons, activities, projects and many.I am not saying they are studying for PHD and should not be so serious on continuity. But still, frequent absentees can definitely miss all these activities, lessons which are interconnected to each other as the time passes by.I have actually never allowed taking leave from school. She is amongst those who have to buy their school diaries prior to session end. Hehe..because they are so regular and no holiday so diary gets over before time.

Secondly,  most important thing is that I also make sure she should not fall prey to junk food to avoid sick leaves.A good breakfast before she leaves for school. NOT at all just a glass of milk.

A good hygiene routine to follow like whenever she comes back from outside she has to wash her feet and hands with soap. I avoid sanitizers , at least where they can wash their hands with water.

Regular outdoor play time. Two hours in a day almost fixed to play in park or cycling with her friends.

No late hours watching TV or computer is allowed post 9pm. She has to sleep by that time.  And yes, she is also not allowed to peep into our smart phones with her own choice. 

Sounds little convetional? But yes,we have little restrictions for that till she gets to know little better about it , usage, flaws and side effects.

I also feel elated when her attendance shows full marks. I may be right ,fully or partially  going the right way with a hope that she will continue in the same manner.She enjoys to be regular in school and loves to go.Touchwood!!.

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