I am a blogger-my new identity
|   Mar 13, 2016
I am a blogger-my new identity

There was a time when I used to be a hard core professional working with a big IT giant. One can say a typical professional, reaching on time, working on time, and yes leaving on time. No delays on email, responses and deliverables  with lot of appreciations and awards. I always had a notion that yes one day I will be in best of my career.

But what time has kept for you, you can never imagine. As time passes by I got married and planned for our first child. Every working environment has its own stress. You just can’t escape. So I quit taking in consideration that why to stress unborn child and let me have a break for certain period.

Things were going smoothly one child than another within a span of three years. It was like I almost got lost in these mundane tasks. That lady who was typical passionate for her career lost somewhere in between. We being in different city and nuclear family , had no option to leave our kids with some near and dear ones even in emergencies.

People who knows me started asking me , when are you joining back your office. I had no answers, how can I tell that don’t want to leave my kids in day care and they are too young for that and these precious years I wanted to be with them. Its like wherever I used to go, the first question was “ do you work?” My manager also surprised when I decided not to resume office even after two years. Sooner or later I was completely into those never ending chores and with a question which had always irked me that Is it really stay at home moms has no value???? And I am also one of those.

 I felt that certain type of loneliness started creeping into me. That unsatisfcation , uneasiness and sure that feel of not doing anything other than household work. I can make out till your child is 3 years you have plenty of work to do, hardly a second to breath. But when they are little grown up and a mom has plenty of time to do some progressive work.

 I was never enamored by money or certain type of lifestyle but still I felt something was missing from my life. I wanted to work but can’t, to cope up with working hours  not an easy way. Felt like to do some volunteer work for under privileged children but need to have channel to serve this and it never worked out.

Its like you want but not able to, as nothing was striking.

Than one day mycity4 kids happened to me and it just nailed me. This is exactly I was looking for where I can share, vent out my experiences with others. An open platform where you are your own boss. You write from your heart and there are audience to hear you. And the most important your own identity as a mommy blogger.

 Yes, I am a blogger now and I proudly says that. I do tell people just google my name you will get my blogs. This is what I have achieved and I am proud of it. I think somehow I am able to crack that identity crisis puzzle being as a blogger.
Its not at all a time pass activity for me but its an art and courage of those confessions that you make in public and feel if your little experience can benefit of any. 

I firmly believe that every woman is special and do have certain hidden talents which they need to explore for themselves. Some can dance well, some can sing well , some are good in paintings. We just need to introspect ourself and put it in a best possible manner. Afterall we also have one life, lets live to the fullest.

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