I love my power Nap
|   May 27, 2016
I love my power Nap

A motherhood in itself is a big change in life . Where your life takes a major twist and you always tussles in between. Sometimes good and sometimes even worse. Sleepless nights, running around the kid and never ending chores. Automatically down the line your setting will change to Power Nap mode.  I dont  know how many things I forgot and learnt over the years but one thing for sure I just love my afternoon nap. Whether its for 5minutes or 50. This is like a must for me. It doesnt  matter how long I had slept last night. But this urge to sleep for ten minutes I always crave for. I know there was a time when I was one amongst those who never used to take break from their busy life. Home, office, outdoor activities always packed whether weekdays or weekends. Always charged! Now things have changed.

For a mom, weekdays specially, from getting up in early morning, breakfast, packing snacks, getting children readyuffnot even a time to brush your teeth and to have a cup of coffee.

And this continues the whole day, surely a few hours break where we moms wind up things for a day .

Just few minutes post lunch.. wow I always wait for it on my weekdays.  Silently going to bed and rest for few minutes leaving aside all the worries.

I feel more fresh than morning when I gets up from this afternoon nap. A fresh, rejunivated mom who is ready to do post half day chores.

This is something which I dont  want to miss. Do you also falls into same category? One who loves to take a nap in between. I do.

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