I want to be a woman even in my next birth and many more to come
|   Jun 02, 2016
I want to be a woman even in my next birth and many more to come

There is an one old saying one has to go through many species or yonies before they take birth as human. So a man or a woman who ever means its something special and God has chosen us to be. Since ages women have struggled for their identity and to get respect. Things have improved a lot but still many more to go.

Phases which every girl goes through is challenging and with these immense powers and compassion that god has made us , helped us and we have always managed to sail with our own pace.

If I will look at me than I am no different than others. Same a woman, a wife, a mom , daughter in law and many relations that goes with us.

With many wishes which keep changing day by day still I have one wish which is always common all the time. I really want to be a woman in my next rebirth. Reasons can be many from different phases of life. Am listing few :-

1.Emotional bonding: No matter how much society gives weigh to a boy in a family. But girls the one who actually make it lovable house. They can sense more love and affection . The emotional attachment and bonding which always gets better with the time.

2.They can sense your inner feelings: Girl or woman, no need to say ,they are equipped with extra senses and always feel even without conveying.

3.Chirping chirping all around: This is  not from the birds but from these lovely girls( chatter boxes). Their nonstop talks which never ends. Automatically one can vent out well with them. 4.Dressing up the best : Who better knows and can dress up than a woman. From birth till every phase there are plenty of options to wear. From frocks to salwar kammez, skirts to maxi dress, lehanga to saree. This list can never get over. Dont forget accessories. 5.Helping in daily chores: An extra woman in house means extra hands to help you out. Infact now even from cooking to repairing of fuse. They have mastered in all. 6.Once married than making another house to heaven: Yes, a marriage indeed is little emotional  bonding when she leaves for another house. But this time to make them more stronger than now. Its not an easy task to leave a family where you have spent more than two decades but still she does. Taking responsibilities, sharing ups and downs. 7.Bringing a new life: An important phase where a woman becomes mother. Another life to nurture and love with endless responsibilities. 8.Backbone of a family and a strong pillar of a society: A happy , satisfied strong, educated, independent woman makes a good family and ultimately a good society.  And I, definitely want to share my part for a better society and a better world and the feel of being a woman. There is no denying the fact that women definitely face more challenges in their lives but its always good to be a winner as a fighter.

So enjoy being a girl or woman.

Note:my  intention is to write a woman's role in a society and happiness around her. Though men do have their own importance , values and contributions. Shall write about them in some different article. Till than no frowning  faces:)

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