Indoor pollution- What all you need to know!
|   Feb 24, 2017
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Indoor pollution- What all you need to know!

The relationship between pollution and being in developing countries is very close and how much we want to disconnect both, it's difficult or rather one of an impossible task. With the rise of technology, we can't deny that pollution levels have come up with the same pace. Every nook and corner whether it is developed or under construction, we just can’t escape from pollution.

Still, the awareness is little limited at large to know what exactly the Indoor pollution is all about.

To be very honest if you search the term on the internet you will be surprised to know the real facts and data which are very much caused by Indoor pollution.

Indoor air pollution from indoor fuel burning kills 1.6 million people each year

Even if inhaling secondhand, you are still taking in over 4,000 chemicals, a large number of which are carcinogens, or cancer-causing chemicals.

Residents of these homes end up breathing in carbon monoxide and other dangerous contaminants. (Source-Internet)

The above data is not normal to read and I feel it’s high time when we really need to start for the possible solution to cope up with the condition which might go worse with the time.

Few basic things which can be taken care by every individual:

  1. Proper ventilation: Whether its too hot or too cold, Ventilation is must for every house. It helps to let fresh air inside and to purify the atmosphere. Closed windows most of the day can never make it better. So make sure that at least there should be some passage where a fresh air can flow inside –outside.

  2. Avoid/Reduce Smoking: Though smoking is no lesser than a hazardous pollutant which affects not only the smoker but even it pollutes the air which goes to many other non-smokers. Refrain smoking in closed areas especially inside the home where it can stick to many other things too and could trigger health issues.

  3. Ensure regular cleaning of filters: Those who use the Electric chimney, coolers, and Ac need to have a tab on cleaning their filters too. The reason behind is the pollutants which might accumulate and ultimately spreading it out with the usage.

  4. Restrict Regular painting of doors and houses: All paints carry a lot of chemicals adding more to Indoor pollution. Restrict these or avoid using that area for that period.

  5. Maintain basic cleanliness with extra care: Of course, we all maintain basic cleanliness on regular basis but the actual dust or micropollutants stick to our furniture and difficult to take them out. Use a Vacuum cleaner on regular basis on every furniture and unattended corners to remove those particles which are not visible but equally dangerous.

  6. Install Eureka air purifier for the healthiest air inside. Dr. Aeroguard – An Air purifier by Eureka Forbes that ensures that you can reduce Indoor air pollution and lead a healthy life.

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