Inhale The Healthy!
|   Nov 22, 2016
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Inhale The Healthy!

We often scold our children when they sneeze. The immediate reaction is,” Please cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow”. The only reason is not the etiquette but the fear of bacteria which flow through the air and could be contagious to others as well. Respiratory diseases are on the rise due to air pollution and we try our best to keep away from all these.

And when we talk about a good health than to be with Nature is the best time we can have with no side effects at all. But the time is changing and the need to drench you with nature is getting limited or may be its dearth of the time and priority over our busy schedule.

Well, especially in Metro cities in India where are in developing stage it’s rather a daunting task to breathe fresh air everywhere you go. Being in a Garden city for more than a decade I have sensed the change. There was the time when ORR and few places were just lush green but with the ongoing demand of office complexes, all have been chopped off with no second thought. Those trees which were more than 100 years old have been cut with no mercy.  I don’t know whether these people are not aware of the essence of Nature or making money is the priority. Sometimes it really makes me worry with these ongoing Ped -Kaato Aandolan. Where are we heading? What about our next generation? Do they need to buy oxygen in the coming future? With the present picture, I am sure that day will not far when they will add one oxygen cylinder with their school bag.

Personally, I always try to spend a day out with my children in some park rather than manmade Malls where everything is so artificial as compared to the Freshness amidst nature.

A few weeks back we visited famous Cubbon -Park in Bengaluru.  We generally keep venturing most of the Parks around with our children .The best part of these parks is the lung space, those chirping sound of the bird and the feel of fresh which we get and surely the positive vibes around. And our children do enjoy these every time.

Most of us are getting hacked with the technology and being surrounded by walls all the time. Not leaving aside spending your most of time with Idiot box or smart phones. Getting out from your comfort zone is challenging even if they have plenty of space near to them.

I still feel Nature is the best way to get fresh but how?

Make a schedule and keep 15minutes in a day for the walk in open space, leaving aside all worries.

Breathe as much or try some Breathing exercises for healthy lungs.

Even if you are too busy or you work in Odd hours, Take a break for 10 minutes during office hours and walk in open space where you can have Sunlight or fresh air.

Try to spend a weekend in some park, even for few hours where you can rejuvenate yourself with fresh air.

And if still, you feel that to get the fresh air is the challenge for five working days then Infuse the” Healthiest Air in your room” through Dr. Aeroguard - Air purifier by Eureka Forbes. With the current scenario where everyone struggles hard to inhale the healthy, this air purifier ensures that your family breathes clean, fresh air that is free of allergens and microbes that may cause asthma and respiratory illnesses.

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