Motherhood- Choice Vs Sacrifice
|   Feb 16, 2017
Motherhood- Choice Vs Sacrifice

Women have the right to decide on pregnancy”: SC judge Feb 11, 2017, 05.57 PM IST 

It is the woman's "choice" to either have a baby or abort or prevent pregnancy. It is her right. 

Supreme Court judge A K Sikri said this while speaking on the state of affairs relating to women's reproductive rights and the dominant role played by the men folk and the family in imposing their decisions. 

"Reproductive right, which of course is a human right, is based on the human dignity. When we talk of reproductive rights, it is mixed with another right of women that is the sexual right. When we talk of reproductive rights in India, there again the choice is the husband in the family or what the elders say...when there should be a child, whether that child should be male or female etc.," he said. (Source- the Internet)


Above judgment is indeed a milestone for most of us as a woman where a woman’s discretion has some value and a right as when she actually wanted to become a mother.

It reminds me the latest Television commercial of” Titan-raga” watch, where it says,” Motherhood is a choice and not a sacrifice”.


I must say both things go hand in hand and with the changing time, it’s rather a cruelty to force someone to become a mother when she herself is not ready with it.

Motherhood is a pleasurable journey which comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment and not only for a woman but for the entire family.


How come anyone expects that a woman should beget a child just because the other members of the family want their next generation or a forced motherhood when the woman herself is not prepared how to carry it forward?


There are  lot of physical and mental changes which goes with a woman when she decides to step forward to become a mother. Apart from carrying the baby in her womb, this cycle really doesn’t stop here till delivery. It continues little long with Postpartum depression and many physical and mental level changes. If someone is not prepared and it’s been forced than one might miss the real enjoyment of becoming a mother or parents.


Motherhood is surely a mutual decision which should be taken by both the partners and importantly a woman’s final decision cannot be ignored. After all, she has to bear the child for nine months and no one can replace a mother, but surely others can help her!


I remember when we decided to become parents a few years back; it was solely our decision and more of my personal choice to carry forward our life with the new addition. I left my much demanding job and chose to be a mother. I know all are not lucky when you can choose between career and motherhood and I do appreciate Moms who maintain a balance between their life and work and giving their best to both the worlds.


We both welcomed our new member with all the joy and happiness and honestly, those moments are still fresh in our memory. We both learned together how to take care of a small child, how to massage, how to give a bath, how to feed. We grew together as a parent and realized that until unless a mother is not happy she cannot carry forward that happiness further in her next generation.

It’s seen largely, just for the baby boy or killing of female feticide, many women have been enforced unwanted pregnancies and they bear that without any opposition.


But why others should decide on their physical and mental well-being?

Why the consent to become a mother is not in her hands?

Why the choice is not given to her and she is left behind to sacrifice?

Why it is so difficult for a woman to muster her courage and take a stand for herself?


I just hope with this kind of judgment, a woman will get some powers to choose motherhood as CHOICE and not a sacrifice!!


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