Mumma I want Idli-Sambhar
|   Jul 06, 2016
Mumma I want Idli-Sambhar

God has made everyone different in all manners. Different looks, features, hairs, complexion and taste buds.  Despite all phases, the best period is when you get etched by taste is Pregnancy. I have heard several sayings on pregnant ladies; how their taste buds affect their unborn child. How a north Indian mum turns into a typical sambhar dosa lover and how vegetarians become non -vegetarian in those nine months.

I remember being a typical North Indian; someone who would never miss on chhole bhatoore, golgappe, tikki chaat and savor such dishes at least twice a week. But during my pregnancy, I landed up in Bangalore with no options to the above.

Somehow jaisa desh waisa bhesh and my cravings also turned to dosa sambhar, khara pongal, Idli, bisebele bhaat. I was actually in love with the South Indian cuisine at that time. Infact, one of our family friends would get khara pongal packed and delivered to my office, almost all the time. All of my friends, relatives would tell me that my baby would be a Pakkaa South Indian. I never had non vegetarian food in that duration of nine months, very less spicy food and the Delhi chaats were a big No No!

Even after eight years, I still remember those comments as my daughter is just mad about Dosa - sambhar, Idli, lemon rice and I have learned to cook all of it, for I had no other option. She wants South Indian food even in her lunch box. When she sees others friends carrying sambhar- rice or idle for lunch, her cravings automatically increase.

We, mums always want to give our children dry snack boxes that do not leak and the food doesn't get soggy. I tried several lunch boxes, from steel ones (either too tight or too loose) to plastic ones (where the quality of the plastic was rated lesser than 5) which is easily available. But sambhar and coconut chutney always leaked from those boxes. Then I tried Tupperware leak proof snack boxes which is available in all shapes and sizes and good to carry all types of food a child would want to carry. Being in the south means a mum mandatorily has to pack two boxes. One for small break i.e. snack break. This might be a fruit, biscuits, nuts, cakes etc. Another one should be proper lunch for the longer break. This particularly should have, parantha, curd, sambhar- rice, Idli- sambhar, rice and daal, lemon rice with coconut chutney and so on.

I always make sure I don't pack any unhealthy and junk food for my children and even the school does not allow junk food. A combo of solid and liquid both are required for daily intake of nutrients and I found that Tupperware is one of the easiest and best lunch packs. Now I don't need to worry about the gravy being spilled or think if my daughter will be able to open the box or not at school (as some steel boxes are too tight).

So I just need to cook and pack what she wants to take ,leaving all the worries at bay.

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