My Daughter- in- Law doesn't wear Jeans
|   Jun 16, 2016
My Daughter- in- Law doesn't wear Jeans

I remember a few years back one of my aunts told me this statement ,"my daughter in law doesn't wear jeans". She told that with a  little pride that she has a Sanskari bahu. I was little surprised with that by wearing jeans or not will not make anyone SANSKARI or respectful or culture loving girl. 

Even I am one of those who had plenty of jeans in my wardrobe , hardly a single pair of any  Indian dress till I started working. Afterall office norms won't  allow you to be in informal wear all the days. But a pair of denim is not my certificate of Sanskaar. I am much more than this. I do follow customs, follows culture,respect others, follow spirituality.

Still, I have few pair of jeans and I just loved it. I feel this is one the best outfit which works for every age, can be teamed up with any Indian and western wear. Comfortable, wrinkle free and covers body well.

I have seen many families where respective daughters are allowed to wear jeans but not their daughter in laws. How does it matter and what difference it can make? 

A ghoonghat or dupatta clad DIL will have extra values for culture is a no guarantee. These things come from within and one cannot make anyone give respect forcefully or by making them wear what others wanted them to be.

The irony is that plunging neckline in saree blouse is acceptable but fully covered jeans and t -shirt is a big NO.

I feel no matter whether its a western or Indian wear. Most important is how we carry it. Why don't  a DIL gets a  freedom to wear what she wants to and what she is comfortable in. I think and sure even if she wear jeans, the respect for elders will not reduce in anyways!

She will be the same SANSKARI BAHU, respecting and caring for others.

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