Parents Vs Movies
|   Dec 31, 2016
Parents Vs Movies

There was the time when my husband and I used to watch most of the movies on Friday evening. Leaving early from our offices and directly landing to Cineplex. But then a big U-turn and we became parents. To some extent, I managed to watch every possible movie before delivery as I knew it’s going to be difficult afterward. And being in a nuclear family and going to cinema hall is just one of those impossible works when your priority gets a complete makeover!

We didn’t take the risk to take our younger ones to the cinema halls in their early years. The only thing we dread if this could be torture to our children or what if they cry and disturb others. With the same thought when it turned 7 years for us to enter in a cinema hall we couldn't figure out. GOSH!

Still, sometimes my younger one throws her tantrum as she is not much interested in watching a movie. She is indeed happy with her normal doses of cartoons on television. We first took them when they were 7 and 4 years(two years back). And not surprisingly, for them sticking to one seat for three hours was a big challenge. Surviving on popcorn and all junk or I can call them as a rescue for us where we can divert their attention for a while and our attention on the screen. Phew!!

Making my younger one sit is always a big exercise for us and difficult too. Sometimes I think if you are a parent then time runs so fast that we couldn’t realise that we already had two sanyaas of seven and two years in between before we booked our tickets for Moana and Dangal. Yes, two movies within a week. That indeed an achievement for us and the happiness of adding one more star of freedom. This time I was adamant than my children that I will surely watch, even if you rebel! Ha!

Both movies are Disney productions and finally we all enjoyed both the movies with less of disturbances from my children or probably now they also started enjoying the screen drama! But no doubt, I would say one of the best and the finest movies where a family can really enjoy it together with no ifs and buts. No filthy content, no defined age and no censor!

We were little reluctant to see Moana earlier but this is the life of a parent. I feel sometimes we need to revive our memories with our children and so we did. You just can't escape!

Moana is all about a little girl of eight years who was little confused between her mind and heart. Her heart had different dreams and mind didn’t allow her to do. Finally, she decided to follow her heart and headed towards to fight with all odds. Empathy, bravery, you can do it- attitude and love defines her character. A strong character to learn for all!

On the other hand, Dangal is all about empowered daughters and breaking the stereotype society norms. They were raised in a village where women are confined to household chores, marriage and then giving birth to next generations. The so-called Haanikarak bapu made them different and proved that women are not meant for Jhadu--pocha and choola chauka. They can do anything if given a chance. This is all about a father who didn’t bother for society to raise his daughters and how he has made them successful wrestlers.

Both movies talk about breaking the jinx and rising high with their dreams, hard work and all about those parents who believed in their children and supported them in every odd.


I think there is much more to learn from these movies and empowering our next generation where they can raise themselves to higher and higher!



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