Please save money - For your daughters
|   Jul 11, 2016
Please save money - For your daughters

I feel few things in your life are permanent. They dont fade away with your age and memory. They might be bitter or joy giving but they are there. How much you try to forget or revive but that feel never repeats. I do have lots of memories of my daughters when they were born, when they had started walking with their tiny little steps. When they had enjoyed the best and when they had cried a lot. These memories are almost fixed in my memory chip and I want these to be everlasting.(leaving aside few)

I remember when my elder one was just two months old, we had attended one get together. Everyone was wishing us for a new member in our clan, but one comment had made me to think and still I am not able to forget  it.

One aunty, she must be in her late fifties said, Oh, your daughter is so fair and pretty, you no need to shell out more money to marry her.  I was perplexed! Come on aunty, she is just two months and please understand marrying daughter is not the ultimate goal of   a Parent. Secondly , how does it matter if a girl is fair or dusky, is this the only parameter to judge her or her life will not accomplish until she marries someone. Even I am  dusky, married to an extremely fair guy. I never had these challenges of marrying just because of complexion.

And spending lakhs and lakhs on marriage, is not lesser than a show off or burdening a girls  father unwantedly.

 Do we girls are born just for marriage?

Does it means a girl father need to save every penny just to get them married.

This psychology still exists and had not gone anywhere. Yes, people are changing but that section of the society still need to struggle hard.

Few weeks back I was in a park with my children. One of the car driver of our society was selling Agarbatti in free time just to earn some extra money. Suddenly one aunty sitting there commented, oh he has two daughters, he need to work hard to get them married. What the hell, daughters are not burden. Please accept  as an important section of the society. We are equally capable and not made for only marriage.

I wish I could go back and tell these two aunties , yes I am a mother of two daughters and I will save money for them but not for their marriages.  I will save :

  • To make them study well,
  • To fulfill their dreams in future for further studies.
  • To fulfill their dreams of driving a  scooter or a car or even bullet.
  • To fulfill their dream to travel all around the world.
  • To fulfill their dream of special coaching in either field, studies or extra curricular.
  • To fulfill their dreams to buy those apparels, jewellery which they always wanted to buy.
  • And nothing for marriage, because by that time they will be capable of earning and can take care of their financial goals. Heavy expenditure is not a pre requisite of marriage, even  a court marriage or in a temple has a equal say.

    So please save money for your daughters for fulfilling their dreams and not just to get them married.

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