The Saga Of Outsourced Pickle!
|   Jun 08, 2017
The Saga Of Outsourced Pickle!

Who doesn’t like pickles? Delicious, crunchy and tangy homemade pickles!

At least I am a diehard fan of pickles and Indian meals are incomplete without it. You offer me any type I am always happy to gorge on it. Sometimes just to spice up a dull meal or most of the time “only pickle”. Wow! I can imagine treating my taste buds when a pickle silently goes down the throat and getting a sense of satisfaction which cannot be satiated with a seven-course meal.

Amongst all pickles, for me mango pickle stands on top of above. I wish I could store as much as I can or I could get one “Akshaya Patra” in which pickle never gets out of stock.

This is another reason why mango season is important for me. Not to relish mangoes but I could foresee a new stock of “Mango pickles at my mom’s place. And within these growing years, I have the same love for every pickle especially desi style aam ka Achar(Homemade). There was the time when mango pickle and Paratha combo was one the famous snack box ideas and how much you repeat one can never get bored of it.

The scintillating aroma of pickle is competent enough to mesmerize anyone sitting around and triggering the hunger again!

Years and year over and yet I am not able to get over by this madness for AAM ka Aachar. During my childhood, I knew which family stocks which variety of pickle and I had no shame in borrowing those from them for my greed. Nevertheless, those families were quite familiar with my love for their homemade pickles. It happened many times when they themselves handed me a jar- full of my wishes.

But then I shifted to Bengaluru and settled here. Only I can share the pain of research which I did on pickles just to get the same taste or even closer. But nothing concrete has come out till now!

Never in the past and even now, I am hardly interested to know the recipe because I know my MOM will make it for me. And every year how proud I feel to carry these big packets of pickles like trophies. In fact,  the extra weight of baggage which never bothered me. For me, these packets are most precious ones and don’t matter even if I had to shell out some extra kg charges which could be more than the actual cost of the pickle. How funny?

How many seals, making it leak proof and keeping it safely all these hard work is justified when your taste is supreme above all. Ha!

I think the kind of privilege I give to pickle is unbeatable!

Along with my transition from child to MUM, my DNA (of pickle lover) has also been transferred to my kids. In these so many years of parenting when I’ve learned so many things but never mustered the courage to put my hand in this niche sector. Perhaps the one and only reason or luxury I have to import it during summer vacations (from Delhi to Bangalore) when I visit my mom’s place. Of course, I‘ve always asked them to keep my stock separate.

I am proudly carrying my legacy of outsourcing pickled. When we were too small and my mom was young even she had the same cycle of getting pickles from her mom’s house. My Granny used to make those pickles for us and that was nothing less than big treat. Then this legacy got transferred to my Mum and she loves to make all types of pickles just for us.

With these growing numbers of my age, I am still in dilemma, whether I should learn how to make a pickle or not? Or maybe until the time I love outsourcing them I would love to carry on this tradition. I think there is something special in these homemade pickles. The love, affection and the hidden recipe of bonding which connects our hearts even staying far off from our birth place!!

So what's your take on this outsourced trend:)


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