What does a Raksha- Bandhan means to my daughters
|   Aug 17, 2016
What does a Raksha- Bandhan means to my daughters

It's a pleasure to celebrate and enjoy all Indian festivals. I really love to celebrate all, irrespective of caste or religion,whether it's a Holi or Christmas, Diwali or Pongal. I think our children should not have that perception to celebrate these as per their own religion which they follow. 

On the contrary, festivals are to enjoy at their best and indeed not to show off! Being in south for a decade, I have a privilege to celebrate almost all the festivals. Its really good to experience those festivals which you didnt know much. Festivals are  reasons which makes you more close to your family and friends.

Raksha bandhan is somehow dominates the whole country. I think the craze to celebrate brother- sister relations needs no religion or border. Of course, in India where we have few family rules like a son must for a family, then for those it weighs much more.

But I think it should not be confined to only those and not the only way to celebrate Or not restricted with only brother and sister.

My mother was two sisters, I am one of three and I have two daughters. So I would say, officially no Raksha Bandhan as per tradition. But nothing like that, when we were small, we never had that feeling that we need to have a brother to celebrate it. We never had that feeling that we really need a promise from a brother to protect us life long. We had grown in an atmosphere where we were self-sufficient in doing every task. 

Caring for ourselves and sisters too which is not gender biased!

I really wonder when people were surprised for us being only three sisters and no brother.

Now I am Mother of two girls. And for them Raksha bandhan is a festival of bonding among themselves which is not dependent on having a brother. They do celebrate this with great enthusiasm every year, tieing a rakhi to Lord Ganesha (or could be any God irrespective of gender ) and to each other as sisters.

I dont teach them that they really need a man to protect themselves. They shouldnt think that they are disqualified from this festival just because they don't have a brother.

They are there for each other always as a strong bond and can celebrate this whole year through.

Its all about love, compassion and bonding which needs no pre- requisites!

PS: the intention is not to hurt any sister brother relationship but to promote that even sisters only can be a part of this. The social stigma has to go off  that festivals  also depends on being a male or female. Pc: Google Images

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