What is a Mother?
|   May 19, 2016
What is a Mother?

Once a small child asked me" who is a mother"

I whispered in her ears, its a special creation of God who just knows how to love and cuddle.

She is the one who bears all the pains all alone 

And shares her joys with others and sorrows never shown.

 She is the one who faces so many ups and downs 

But never gives up in between and keeps up her Mothers  crown.

She is the one who love others more than I

Nothing can make her different by not letting anyone cry.

She is the one who juggles herself every second she spents

Just to keep all perfect and content .

 She is one who never complains for her pains

But always ready to give anytime to keep others in sane.

She is the one who works round the clock and 365 days 

But never retires till her last breadth comes near.

She is the epitome of love, compassion and sacrifices

Some understands them and some regrets later.

But a Mother is a Mother and God has made them special to spread love and happiness around.

No matter how big are the challenges and windy is the weather

She will always finds her way always Better.

#everyday is mothers day .

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