Where Is The Money For Common Man
|   Nov 14, 2016
Where Is The Money For Common Man


I have never imagined in my life that one day I need to struggle for every penny. When life was going smooth with  online transactions , ATM and credit card where I hardly had to enter in the bank. All thanks to money demonetization and here I am with all my history of accounts in midst of 100 people in the queue.

Foremost important,I am not against this new policy and happy to see if we as a country can eradicate this corruption!

Headlines say it will take minimum three weeks to recover this havoc. It was going all OKAY  and even I didn’t feel the brunt of this rule for the first 5 days. A Little cash and the credit card are managing our daily expenses.

But it has changed my perspective when yesterday in the morning at 8.30am(bank opens at 10.30) I and my husband stood in a Bank queue just for Rs4000. I felt the pain! From 8.30 -12.30 afternoons just for Rs4000. We were in the queue waiting for our turn then in between one person asked the bank manager in case you are refilling ATMs who was just passing by. She said we are running short of hundreds and recalibration is also required for the new currency in ATM machines. That means for every penny stand in a queue, for how long that also not sure. And the money you will get is nowhere matches the inflation around.

It's not easy for every person to leave for a bank a whole day. I know how I managed when I had to lock my children in the house and had to go to a bank. It’s our helpless situation that we don’t have any way out to get money. We did try quite a good number of ATM if we could get little cash but couldn’t. There is no option available and one needs to operate only through a bank.

Anyways, I came back in between because of children and other chores, though my husband was still in the queue and went to the nearby departmental store. Luckily, I had some food coupons which can be used for purchasing too. I just asked the owner, if I get 2000 note, would you tender change after purchase. He said, NO, pay be card then. He had no change!

If a big departmental store can run short of money whose daily income is in between lakh then think about smaller ones. Or who don’t have card swiping machine?

And for how long I can use these 4000 rupees that could be in the denomination of 2000 note. Who will tender me a change?

Every Vegetable vendor, Auto, Bus travel, house help, Eatery corners need cash.

Should I stop eating breakfast if I am like any other who stays alone or in PG?

Should I stop travel to my work or college if I am a common person who can't afford Taxi?

Should I stop buying basic vegetable or fruits for daily needs?

And for every few thousand, who can dare to stand in 8 hours queue. At least it’s not easy for me and I can surely understand the pain for those who don’t even have a bank account. Really a tough time for them and every common person.

A rich man can certainly cut down their luxuries to save but how can a common man  cut on their basics. Will they not cook for few weeks, will they not travel, will they not seek any medical assistance?

Three weeks is a big time  or could be more also and I am sure things are not as easy as they look like. I can even borrow few things without payment like I did with few shops. There is no option and few expenses cannot be postponed like medical and school books.

Still, a little relief for card holders and for how long it will sustain, no one knows. My only concern is if ATM machines would have been recalibrated on time with the new currency. We could have better managed our daily expenses!

 PS: I am not an anti-government nor I am a follower of any party. I do respect this decision but cant ignore the pain all around!

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