Let Kids think by their own...
|   Jul 29, 2017
Let Kids think by their own...

I am standing at the bus stop to pick my daughter.The other lady comes to receive her son.She starts talking to me about the school."The school is not good." she said."They don't have any special activities for kids.The other school has this and that."I am listening without any reaction.she narrates an incident ,"They did not take my son to the ground on Wednesday(which happens to be their Sports day).How bad this it!!"

After few moments she said,"See its too hot outside and they took my son in the ground.How bad it is!!" I am thinking deep now-What we are expecting from others?? Here the bus comes and kids arrive,but she is still talking IN FRONT of KIDS.Now her son also hears this and absorbing same feelings for school.now what is the point here-- I am not here to talk about schools and facilities.

My point is what we are transferring to our kids.Knowingly or unknowingly we pass our kids what we think about some place,person or situation."Don't talk to that boy,He is not good!!" The kid even does not know what bad the other boy has done to him..but he will listen and follow what his mother has instructed.Why can't we give our kid a chance to be with that boy and to make his own opinion??

The same thing applies every where in our daily lives.I mean we should certainly tell our kids what is good or bad for them,but we should not implant or impose our thinking on them.Each person is different from each other and in the same way each one's ability to deal with a situation or person is different.As we are growing big and old ,we have made a habit to make every single thing complex.As a kid ,they take things simply .They forgive and forget easily.They don't have habit to take revenge.Its We,who teach them-Do what other person is doing with you.

Suppose your Kid has skip the school for one day.The next day he wants notebook from his friend.His friend somehow does not give his notebook.Now what will be your reaction,"See its your friend!!Who did not help you out.Next time you also don't help him." NO, That's seriously very much wrong.You don't know why he has not given the notebook,.What is his problem.You either say positive or better don't utter a single word.He will forget this thing by next day!!

By these smalls things we are not making them a true gentleman. Kid's basic nature is to love,to share,to help and to care.Better we don't change their good habits.Let them love all regardless to someone's appearance, whether it is your maid's son or Gardner's daughter.Let him be friends with all.Whether you like your neighbor or not but let him be humble,polite and respectful to all.You don't pass your hatred to your kids.Let them think and take decisions by their own.May be you learn something new from them one day.Help to make a better society to live,a society which knows to share love.This will certainly make a great difference to their lives and yours too !! Happy parenting :)

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