YES! EverydayisaMothersday
|   May 12, 2015
YES!  EverydayisaMothersday

    EverydayisaMothers day for true and now there’s a day to celebrate and acknowledge my mother and the mother-in-me.

    It is needless to say that mother’s contribution in a child’s life is enormous or should I say that a major portion of child’s personality is defined by his or her mother’s impression on him.  Be it giving birth to a baby, to nourishing her senses of sight, touch and building her language to socializing on a playdate,  a mother does it all with the only desire of giving her child the best of whole world.  The child’s smile is all she needs to refresh rejuvenate and keep going day in and day out.

    While, all this realization strikes only when you yourself become a mother and it makes you even more grateful for all that your mother has put in to make you what you are today.  At this point in life due to marriage or business reasons, you may not be blessed with the virtue of staying with your mother but you still surely can make her feel special and loved by making #everyday a mother’s day for her.  And, believe me it does not need you to move a rock or burn a hole in your pocket to make her feel special and loved.  All you need to do is to simply stay in touch with her and show interest in her daily routine, her friend circle, her hobbies and encourage her to socialize.  As your mother grows old, your care and affection can make all the difference to her golden years.  Knowing that there’s somebody who is just a call away and is concerned about her wellbeing is a reason enough to motivate your mother to stay happy and healthy for you.  So go ahead, shower your mother with all the love and care in the world she deserves and feel the ultimate happiness yourself cause #everydayismothersday.

    Now, fast forwarding and celebrating the mother in you. If you are sensitive towards your mother, no matter how, the care and affection will definitely get transferred to your child effortlessly. And even young children return your love with their smiles, hugs, kisses and verbal acknowledgements, certainly, after their speech and language develop. And these small gifts from my three years old make me feel and celebrate #mothersdayeveryday.

    I wonder from where all this wisdom is trickling in, so I guess, it is truly said that “A child gives birth to a mother”.  So go ahead and revel in the joy that motherhood brings and make #everydayismothersday!

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