A Smooth Sleep Time Regime
|   Jul 06, 2017
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A Smooth Sleep Time Regime

Sleep time routine is something every mother wants to be fun filled for both the child and herself since the day 1 of the child’s birth. But only few are successful in achieving this target while others keep trying patiently.


First few months after birth of the baby are extremely tiring for the mother as the baby does not have any fixed sleep time. I researched about inculcating good sleeping habits in my baby after 3 months of sleepless days and nights. My baby was the boss of my sleep, whenever he slept only then could I sleep or do my unfinished tasks. Lack of sleep or irregular sleep time makes the mother lethargic and low on energy for energetic babies which affects babies too. It is very important to have a good sleep for baby’s growth and development as well.


I tried various tricks to devise a good sleep routine and it worked very well for me for sometime and till today I keep trying new ones to fit us all. Initially, I tried to make baby understand the difference between day and night time like during night time there won’t be any lights switched on. I tried to setup a fixed time of sleep so that his body clock gets set accordingly for both the day and night time. It is true that it is very difficult to maintain exact timing with the baby but we can try our best.


I follow before bedtime routine to make kid understand that it’s going to be sleep time now like changing clothes, massage routine, brushing routine, toilet routine, diaper changing routine and drinking milk routine etc. Other ways which helps in getting good sleep like bedtime massage, calming music, lullabies and bedtime stories whichever works can be tried.  


Another very important thing which I tried was cutting down the process of letting him sleep in my lap as once it becomes a habit it is very difficult to get rid of it. When the baby becomes half sleepy, it can be put on the bed so eventually he will understand that we should sleep on the bed.


Taking nipple in the mouth and sleeping is very common in babies and a difficult situation for feeding mothers. In that case, it can be tried that baby should finish his feed before going to sleep and you need to be very clever in doing this otherwise baby will wake up and again you will have to start making him sleep and this whole process only takes a lot of our sleep time. It is important to make sure that baby is fed properly before sleep time so that he does not wake up very soon. Babies wake up in the night because of hunger most of the time or because of some other reasons like they want your cuddle or not being comfortable and feeling hot or cold  etc.


As they grow up they do not want to sleep at their fixed routine even if it’s a regular sleep time for them.  I always switch off the light at the regular sleeping time and my kid does all kind of activities on the bed for around 1 hour and then sleeps. Sometimes drama of feeling thirsty, feeling hungry, wanting to go to the bathroom, all because he just does not want to sleep.


Inculcating good sleeping habits is a very tiring and difficult part of the parenting but it can be achieved with patience and by the time but not in a single day. It’s a mutual process so the child should also be ready for learning it and only then will the process be smoother.


Happy Sleep Time!!!

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