How to control Child Obesity at an early stage
|   Mar 06, 2017
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How to control Child Obesity at an early stage

Obesity is the condition when the BMI of body exceeded than the expected value. It is increasing with an alarming rate among children which is an issue of public concern. Child obesity is increasing in all regions of the world. There are various reasons behind the increase in rate of child obesity. It may caused due to genetic reasons, some kind of medical conditions and mostly because of eating and lifestyle habits, all thanks to our technology sticked life be it mobile, TV and any electronic gadgets with which today’s children cannot survive. Below is the compilation of the tips to control child obesity at an early stage:

1) Keep an EAGLE’s EYE watch on your child’s diet: 

Keep a watch on your child’s daily diet. It should be comprised of healthy and nutritious food. Junk food and high calorie oily & fatty food should be avoided completely, once in awhile is ok but this kind of food should not become the part of routine. We as parents are aware of the fact which food is healthy for our child and which food is not only unhealthy but creating addiction like habit among kids. Try to create awareness among the children about the benefits of good eating habits and set an example by following it yourself. Kids follow their parents and family so be a Role Model.

2) Don’t find SUBSTITUTE FOOD for fussy eaters: 

Parents find substitute food for their not so good eater kid and become happy that their kid is eating at least something which may be unhealthy chocolates, chips, candies, soft drinks, packaged fruit juices, pizza, burger and lots of food varieties of this kind which are easily available to the kid. We think that we as a parent are smart enough and become happy that our kid is eating something which can be junk also because he does not eat homemade dal-roti, sabzi. But why do we forget that they are our kids and smarter than us. When they see that we are substituting usual homemade healthy food with unhealthy high-calorie and high-sugary food which is great in taste and every time parents are falling prey to their tantrums over healthier but not so great in taste for their taste buds then this becomes a habit among kids. Try to inculcate good eating habits and encourage the child to eat whatever the whole family eats. At Least try not to substitute with unhealthy food. Unhealthy eating habits directly related to obesity. Children who are overweight or obese are at a higher risk of developing serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

3) Limit SCREEN TIME: 

Nowadays, kids spent their majority of the time in front of TV, mobile or any electronic gadgets means during that screening time there won’t be any physical activity and social interaction. Apart from that, simultaneous screening time and eating time leads to overeating as there won’t be any check on eating which ultimately results into obesity. So, being a parent our responsibility is to set limit on screen time and be a role model by not indulging much in any gadgets. Instead of having family gadget time, try to spend that time in meaningful conversation or play some indoor games or any dancing & singing games or maybe you can go on walk with the family. There could be various ways to avoid screen time which will reduce chances of obesity and that cut down screen time will give you more family time to increase bonding among family members.


Physical activity helps in reducing extra fat or calorie from the body and controls the chances of being overweight. So, from the early months of crawling stage of baby give them enough play area and time in your home itself so that they can play safely anywhere in the home. As the kid starts walking or running, encourage outdoor play activities and they will definitely enjoy going to park or play area. There are various kind of kid’s vehicles available in the market which helps in physical activity and reducing chances of being obese like Cycles, Skate scooters, swing cars, baby walkers etc. Kids should be encouraged for any form of martial arts or yoga kinds of activities from the early stage so that they will learn discipline and of course physical activity will be there. Research says that kids who are overweight or obese have increased risk of obesity, non-communicable diseases, premature death and disability later in life. So, from early age itself parents should start inculcating habit of indulging in any kind of physical activity so that child can develop interest by himself.


Let’s gear up for more physical activity, less screen time, BIG NO to high-calorie and high-sugary foods and your child will be on the way of no more obese!!

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