Journey of Baby Teething
|   Jul 26, 2017
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Journey of Baby Teething

Whenever a baby gets his first tooth it brings joy and happiness to parents. Capture those precious moments of first tooth as gradually baby will get his complete set of teeth and ready for solid foods. The happiness of emerging teeth sometimes comes with complications in terms of teething pain, bowel upset, and diarrhoea, lack of sleep, irritability and crankiness.

 Usually, a baby gets his first tooth in 4th- 5th month if not then by the 1st birthday he will surely get one. Some babies get their first tooth as earlier by 3rd month. By 3 years of age, child gets a complete set of 20 teeth including molars. As per elderly people, teeth emerging process becomes easier by applying honey on gums of the baby but not sure about its scientific evidence. Certain homeopathic calcium tablets can also be given which helps in emerging of the teeth. Please consult your pediatrician before you use these.

 I have heard many parents complaining that baby got bowel upset problems like diarrhoea, vomiting and loose motion etc. during teething time. During the teething phase, due to irritation in gums baby likes to chew anything which he gets to soothe his gums. When the dirty objects and hands go in the mouth then the tummy got upset and infection related problems occur.

 The best way to avoid infection is to clean everything reachable to the child. Disinfectant can be used wherever possible. Toys can be washed and cleaned. Wash hands of the baby frequently. In short, we should try to minimise the infected objects going into the baby’s mouth and hence lesser chances of sickness. Normal tethers or cold tethers by refrigerating them can be used to soothe baby’s swollen gums. Carrot or cucumber sticks can be given to chew which help in soothing of gums as well as a good snack if he will be able to eat it.

 Once the teeth started coming out, cleaning them properly is also a must. Proper brushing with less fluoride toothpaste safer for babies must be done to avoid teething problems. Babies’ teeth get affected by mothers feed, bottle feed, sugary edibles and chocolates so it is should be checked the eatables which affects teeth should be minimised and proper cleaning of teeth should be done at least twice a day.

 In this way, journey of teeth emerging process can be made smoother for baby as well as for parents.

Please share your tips of making your baby’s teething time smoother.

Happy Parenting!!!

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