Moments only a Mother can Correlate
|   Apr 23, 2017
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Moments only a Mother can Correlate

Becoming a mother is a lifetime experience which gives you tremendous joy and memories of lifetime. Like every mother on this earth, I too have my share of sweet memories attached to the first 1000 days with my baby.

The joy, the feelings which you get during the entire journey of pregnancy and to see your baby growing is something like which cannot be explained and written. Those feelings can only be felt and lived.

The very first moment when you see 2 pink lines is the joy of becoming expecting mother or a pregnant lady. During the entire journey of 9-months pregnancy you go through various up and down phases because of health but still you always have sweet happiness in your heart for the small heart beating inside you. This is the purest form of love which we start experiencing before actually becoming mother.

The moment when you go into labor and finally came to know that your bundle of joy has arrived in the world. The moment when you take your small baby in your hands for the first time in spite of going through the pain of delivering a baby. The moment when you breastfed your baby for the first time. Those long sleepless day and night without any intermission. But in between by any chance if you got a nap of few minutes then you feel like the luckiest mom in the world. The colic baby moments, first smile, cooing baby, talking baby, gurgling baby, laughing with that sound, first roll and then dangerous rollover on the bed and then comes the fear of not leaving alone on the bed along with started roaming around in the house everywhere and touching things especially which are not kid-friendly. Crawl and crawl everywhere. Necessity to keep the house clean and kid-friendly increases day by day. Moments of standing by own and then falling again and again, taking few steps and falling again and again and finally started walking, running, jumping, cycling, talking, swinging, sliding and loads of naughtiness.

The feeling that baby is not eating properly even though he is eating well and doing well. Always having concern about the baby’s weight even though it is perfectly fine. The tough journey of weaning, good sleeping and eating habits and not the last one is toilet training. As the baby grows, responsibilities of parents also grow be it in the terms of their education, friend circle and safety from the outer world. Only, WE as a mom can correlate how much selfless effort and patience we are applying in raising our kids.

The moments spent with our baby will always be live and fresh in our mind and heart as long as we live. We cannot relive those special moments of our baby once gone means gone. So, enjoy your motherhood and time with the baby to make your bonding strong.

Those loving moments of life will be cherished forever!!!

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