Wait For a Moment. Take a DEEP BREATH & THINK...
|   Jun 13, 2016
Wait For a Moment. Take a DEEP BREATH & THINK...
I believe that I am the busiest person in the whole world as my daily routine is full of house chores, office work, kid’s tantrums, and housemaid absence and so on. Oh My God, my life is full of stress only. This list of my assigned work will never end may be reader will get bored by reading that. 
Am I the only woman on this earth who is working so hard and so much? Why don’t I get ‘ONLY ME’ time or live my life with FUN and JOY?
HOLD ON. Life is moving very fast and I am also running along with it but lacking something from inside. I don’t know what it is. May be peace, happiness and so on.
Is this the life which I have always wanted? Of course NO. Then on one as usual day of my life, I met with a YOGI who is a true follower of Yog like Pranayam, Asana, Surya Namaskar, Meditation and all of the above follower of satwik life. This Yogi’s life is also full of work & work may be in different way but he works more than me and sleeps less than me but still full of TRUE HAPPINESS which I lack.
I asked him very curiously “Why do you look so much full of happiness in spite of doing more stressful work than me?”
He smiled and replied very calmly “You can also live happy & stress-free life if you have true desire”.
With so much happiness I asked “How can I get that kind of life?”
He replied with smile on his face “You need to do a very difficult task. You need to take rebirth. Will you be?”
And I was shocked and staring him silently.
From there on, journey of my rebirth started. I started doing Yog-Pranayam, Asana, Surya Namaskar, and Meditation and also started following satwik life whichever is possible and time permits. Yog gave me inner peace & happiness which was lacking in me earlier. Now also I do same amount of work and have stressful work but the difference is that I found out the way to avoid & reduce stress in my life. I get positive energy to do my work with full of enthusiasm. I don’t waste time for past and enjoy the present lively!
Yog helped me in healing my chronic diseases also which was not getting cured by medicines. I had normal delivery which I believe because of my yog practices. I fall ill very rarely because of yog only. In true sense, Yog has given me rebirth by giving me control over life rather than me under life control.
Now, it’s your turn to take rebirth by following YOG!
Happy International Yoga Day (21st June)!!!
“Yoga is the journey
 Of the Self,
 To the Self,
 Through the Self”

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