Red teddy bear - A Valentine's day short story!
|   Feb 15, 2017
Red teddy bear - A Valentine's day short story!

Hi Pappa, how are you ? What was special for lunch today? Meenu asked her Pappa cum friend. She is staying in hostel and call her Pappa everyday.A 2 mins phone call is must even though there’s nothing to talk . And she never miss it. 

Meenu, you are asking the same question every day. And you know, there’s no change in my routine, I go to office, come back and sleep.  Okay Pappa, I won’t ask the same question today then.Let me ask you  this thing -what have you gifted mamma today? 

Gift?It’s not her b'day. 

Yeah, but it’s Valentine’s day Pappa. 

Ohh,yes, TV and news papers are full of red colored ads.So many offers related to a prank idea. 

But,Pappa , don't you think it’s relevant? 

Yeah, could be relevant for youngsters .We, adults don’t even care about it .

No Pappa,it’s relevant for all, it’s always good to acknowledge someone’s care, affection and help.You only taught me to say thank you when we receive help from someone ,right? But, I haven't seen a single instance where you saying thanks to mamma though she helps you, care for you everyday. What are you hinting at Meenu, do you say I need to say thank you to my wife for each thing she does for me? 

No Pappa, I know it will be difficult for you, In fact for all men who dominates in the home.Why don’t you get something for her today so that she feels acknowledged and not taken granted ? 

There’s no answer from the other end. 

Pappa, will you do it? 

Your mamma will think I got mad ! 

That’s okay for one day, she laughed. 

Okay, so what do you suggest to get for her? A sari? 

Anything Pappa, anything! It doesn’tmatter if you get a small chocolate also, all that matters is you are giving it to her. But it’s always good to consider giving something which she has always fond of . 

Hmm, I will try .

The phone call ended. He kept on thinking about it.He never gifted her anything on Valentine’s day. She did it in the initial years of marriage then she also stopped. She might have got the same feeling that it's not meant for husband and wife. 

He was looking for possible options for gifts on his way back home. But couldn’t find anything satisfactory. It was already late and most of the shops were closed. I could have started early from office, he thought. 

Sandhya opened the door hearing the door bell. She went for taking tea for him and returned with some snacks. She saw a box on the table and opened it. It was a red teddy bear. Have you forgotten that our daughter has grown up from the teddy bear age? She asked.  It’s for you.He said. 

She looked at him without digesting his answer. She noticed a small red heart attached to the teddy bear. 

Happy Valentine’s day Sandhya, I know it’s late, but better late than never. 

Thank you Meenu , he texted to his daughter.I feel good today. 

Thank God, you did it!What was mamma’s reaction Pappa? 

She just smiled, didn’t tell anything. After all that’s what she does when her eyes are full. He replied to the message. 

What did you gift her? 

I thought alot about what's she fond of? I couldn't get any clues as she never demanded anything from me. Suddenly I recalled a day when she asked me why I'm not getting any red colored teddy bear for you.I always get white colored toys right? She didn't tell anything when I asked the concept behind the red color demand. She just said, it's good to see anything in red color as it's a symbol of love and she hasn't got anything like that till now. I made fun of her asking how blood could be portrait as symbol of love if everything in red color is symbol of love? She just smiled as usual and never asked for red teddy bear after that.

Pappa, do you love her?

He replied with a smiley. 

Meenu could imagine her Pappas smiley face with wet eyes.

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