The last hug! - A short story
|   Jan 24, 2017
The last hug! - A short story

Rohan : What do you need as wedding gift ?

Anjali : Give me a hug every night before sleep 

Rohan: That’s very small , ask something tangible

Anjali : Do you think  a hug is not tangible ?

Rohan : He he ,you are so naughty Anjali, sometimes I think I married a mad girl. By the way ,your wedding gift is granted , Anjali.


She smiled at his comment as usual . Being brought up in boarding and hostels ,she always yearned for a hug . Her parents ran behind career and did not had time for their only one daughter .Being no one to talk with or interact with , she became an introvert and  always talked via smiles . Her parents did not had any issue in finding a suitable groom for her and Rohan also liked her in first sight .That’s how it all started  and here they are trying to know each other’s desires.

 Days and years passed by and their marriage anniversary cake lit 3 candles . Rohan kept his promise every day and in case Rohan forgets Anjali reminds him . One day Rohan had some office work and came to bedroom by 1pm. Surprisingly he saw Anjali reading a book.

When did you start reading Anjali ?, he asked .

Will you be surprised if I say it was my favourite hobby Rohan?

Yeah , I will . I never saw you reading though you have a good collection of books.

That’s right ?  Books were my favourite, my companion , my friend and what else. There was a time I didn’t get sleep if I don’t read at least 1 page of a book.

What happened then ? Why you stopped? He couldn’t stop wondering

Because now I have you as my companion, my friend and over all my favourite .

Wow , that was so romantically expressed Anjali .

Common, give me my hug so that I can sleep .

Let me ask one thing dear, why you wish to have hug before sleep ?

Because ,it helps me to sleep peacefully. And do you know that your hug has a magical influence on me ?it can make my pain vanish in a moment.

He smiled and hugged her tight.

 But, due to Rohan's ever demanding work , Anjali had to keep waiting for her usual hug every day. The late sleeping became a habit for Rohan and he started browsing or watching TV for passing time till he gets sleep. Anjali didn't want to insist him for coming to bedroom ,but patiently waited.

 One day Rohan came to room early , Anjali was happy. She was not feeling well and wanted him beside her. She was waiting him to turn off his mobile screen. Finally she gave up and hugged him. He was deep inside some whatsapp video and said wait ,1 min dear. She was surprised and turned aside. 1 min and 10min were passed and still there was no response from Rohan. Anjali could not take it any longer and she tried to sleep. A hurt soul can’t sleep fast and same was her case. She heard Rohan’s snore after a while which saddened her more.

Same story repeated every day .One day she got angry and asked him -why you are spending too much time with my sautan?

What do you mean?

You don't have time to mingle with me anymore, you only need your phone and I feel it's my sautan now.

He laughed and said , I am not using any social media the whole day and this is the only time I check it.

But, this is OUR time Rohan , Anjali tried to make a point.

He didn't respond and continue with his phone.

She kept on expressing her dislike and he kept on becoming a phone addict. It started affecting their marriage and the chirpy girl was no more chirpy. It's better not to play songs if there are no listeners , right?

The warmth of hugs were lost. She stopped expressing herself as it doesn't matter anymore. Adjustments took over love.


One day he got a call from an unknown number and said his wife had an accident and admitted in hospital. He rushed to the hospital.

Somebody told him how the accident happened. She didn’t pay attention and crossed the road .A truck hit her badly and some people took her to the hospital.

Rohan stood outside her ICU .He recalled how he didn't mind her request for a drop to her workstation .He said he would be late to office if he drop her at her place. He was eating his breakfast and catching up with the social media events which he missed while sleep.


A nurse came outside and informed him that Anjali is conscious now and he can visit her. He approached her bed , there she is lying on a white coloured bedsheet .She hate white colour and always liked colours , he recalled.

She smiled at him. He couldn't smile back. Both of them looked at each other for a minute when she said.

Rohan, can I ask you something?

Yes, he nodded .

Can you give me a hug please , it's very much paining.

He was dumb and looked at her.

Suddenly his phone rang .He took it and put in silent mode.

I'm sorry Anjali , and moved towards her. He realised that her smile is gone forever.

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