Simple idea to make everyday a fun day with kids! 
|   Jul 08, 2017
Simple idea to make everyday a fun day with kids! 

Alright...I have to admit, I had a bit of anxiety thinking kids were going to be home all summer long. Being a working mom, I had nothing planned, no vacations, no play dates, or camps.

I knew their excitement of summer holidays was going to turn into "I'm bored", "we have nothing to do..", and start bickering and fighting over little things. 

So, an idea sparked at 3am, somehow all ideas come when i'm half a sleep and too lazy to even think to execute.. but not this one. 

Kids love YouTubers, so why not let them be one and be inspired by their own actions and spread a positive message. With that in mind, we are starting a family project called Fun day, everyday! 

Kids often spend too much time following Bollywood or Hollywood stars and compromising their own valuable time. Every kid is born a star until society instills rules and differentiates them. This idea will bring the best out of each child and encourage quality family time. Most importantly, make your own life count not spend watching someone else's. 

Whether we are out and about or just at home, girls will share how to stay positive, be creative and to make everyday count. 

Check out some of the things we've been up to as a family. 

All you need is a phone and right attitude to get started. Soon you will see the difference in your kids and see their creativity shine through. 

With that, I would like to share a special poem. The poem has touched very much. The poet has nicely and successfully narrated her feeling toward a child who needs nothing but love. 

Give Her A Day

© Lisa Tasker

What can you give to one small girl?

A diamond ring, a baton to twirl?

A pretty pink dress with lots of bows,

or dainty sandals that show her toes.

A walk in the woods, a romp in the park,

a shopping trip from dusk till dark?

A shine new bike, a kitten for a pet?

No, there's still time for such things,


Give her a day of her very own.

Just one small girl and her Dad alone.

Give her the gift that only you can,

the companionship of her old man.

Games are outgrown and toys decay,

but she'll never forget

if you give her a day.

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