The light within me
|   Feb 24, 2016
The light within me
They told me I was a loser
They told me I couldn't make it up to levels in my life
But I'm gonna prove them wrong
No matter how far they can go
I'll have traced them and then they'll say that I'm not slow
And they don't know that behind the flesh, skin & bones lies the light within in
I'll build my own castle, which they will soon see
No matter how they try to get it down
They won't be able to
'Cause it's so hard and full of concrete
Soon they'll start thinking about me
As one of them; not a down trodden nobody
But they'll soon see that I'm that somebody they always wanted to be!
Now they think that I'm not worthy of the opportunity of playing with them
'Cause they are so mean, I don't want to be one of them
I want to be myself!
But with their qualities like playing with all the girls
I can only play with a few, but when I wanna play with them and I ask them
They say "no you're too unfit to play with us"!
I hate that sound they keep making
I'm never gonna ever trust them ever in my life.
'Cause they are so mean
I don't care what they say, even if they push me in the mud and break some of
my teeth
It won't hurt me... it won't hurt me
Even if it does I will stitch the cut and heal the wounds
They can never hurt me
They don't have the abilities
They can't hurt me
They don't have any abilities
They can't harm me
No matter how far they go

- This post was written by my 8.5 years old daughter Simran Prajapati

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