5 clothing ideas to protect your child from dengue
|   Sep 18, 2015
5 clothing ideas to protect your child from dengue

With dengue spreading fast and wide, precaution is the best cure. While we all have read and know the advisories regarding not allowing water to stand in or near our houses, here is something we can do with their clothing to keep them safe (and also stylishly dressed, just the Fayon way).

1) Clad children well: It is advisable to clad your child well when outdoors. Ensure they wear full-sleeve shirt always and legs too are well covered.  If going to a get together, hike up the style quotient by layering—a plain, white full-sleeve tee worn under a cheerful printed half-sleeve tee, with or without collar.

2) Prefer pure but thick fabrics: To keep the child safe from mosquito bites, make your child wear a denim jeans instead of tights. Thick fabrics provide better protection. And for the hot weather, choose pure cotton.

3) Pick up light colours: It is a known fact that dark colours attract mosquitoes more than light colours. So when stepping outdoors, choose a white denim jeans or a light blue one instead of a darker shade.

4) Feet should be covered too:  Dusk is the time when children love to be outdoors playing in the parks and gardens, but it is also the time when mosquitoes are buzzing in the grass. So, keep their little feet well protected by making them wear shoes.

5) Pick loose fitting clothes: Clothes that are tight enable the mosquitoes to prick right to the skin level. So, choose and make your child wear loose fitting clothes.


By taking protective measures you can help your child be safe and keep healthy.

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