5 ways to help your child adjust in the new session at school
|   Mar 28, 2016
5 ways to help your child adjust in the new session at school

With the new session about to start, we are as anxious about our children as possibly they are—books, class, teachers, syllabus etc. all is set to change and amongst this is the nervousness on how will my little one cope up with the new environment, will she be able to give her best or not! But as parents what is most important is to give them all sort of support as far as possible to reduce their nervousness as well. Here are 5 ideas that might work.

1)      Help them settle into a schedule: Don’t wait for the school to open to wake them up early in the morning. The resistance to wake up early will make them resist school. Settle them in the desired routine of school atleast a week before so that their body clocks adjust as well. 

2)      Give them ample time in the morning: Mornings are the best parts of their day…when they are home, fresh, and happy. Make the most of these moments. Sit in the balcony/garden with them for a few minutes, before rushing them for a bath and the routine, chat with them about the sun, weather…anything. Make them feel loved. Before leaving for school, follow some sort of a prayer routine so that they feel mentally taken care of. But for this it is important they sleep on time at night to wake up on time in the morning.

3)      Make meditation or spirituality a part of their day: Get your child to sit with you, even for 10 minutes, and do some deep breathing, om chanting, or any other chanting you may want to follow. Make it a part of the day but without forcing the child. Let him understand  that this is just to de-stress him and not an additional forced activity he is bound to do.

4)      Get them to meet their old teachers and friends:  Some schools follow the system of shuffling up their students. Organize palydates for your kids with their friends from previous class, take them to say a hello to their older teachers…activities that give the child a feeling of familiarity and not alienated in a new class.

5)      Take him through his books in advance: A few days before the session starts, sit with the child’ s new collection of stationery items and books and be all excited about it. Try to pass the same enthusiasm to him. It is not about studying the books but simply about building an eagerness in her towards the new syllabus.


But as a parent, the best thing you can do is not to force anything—even the above pointers—on the child if the child is unwilling. It is important to let the child express himself and feel secured and supported.

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