Birthday clothing for children—this season’s pick!
|   May 23, 2015
Birthday clothing for children—this season’s pick!

A birthday is a special event for any child—most children wait eagerly for their big day when, right from the morning, they get the royal treatment and the icing on the cake is that perfect birthday dress—a dress which instantly transforms them into a little prince or princess and makes the whole occasion even more super. To make sure your little one feels her best on her birthday, we bring to you the trends of this year in birthday clothing.

Length matters: When it comes to little girls, they all like to play the diva in a long, flowing gown—something that has inspiration in fairy tales, but this year it’s going to be a little different. Fashion pundits are in favour of maxi length dresses—something that is 2-3 inches below the knees. This reduces the risk of the birthday girl tripping over her own dress, and also maximizes the opportunity of using pretty laces, motifs, or piping on the edge of the dress. Just ensure, that the length should be right for the height of the child.

Colour codes: Though baby pinks are obviously the favourite choice for girls and blue for boys, this year around, the colours are a little bolder than the usual. Pinks are in for a makeover—fuschia, puce, crimson, and plum are the alternates to the baby pink. Some smart mix and match with a subtler shade of ebony or ash grey, just makes the whole thing much more trendy and graceful. The other popular colour choices are shades of purple and mauve for boys and girls alike.

Fabrics: Depending on the season, the fabric choices may vary. For the summer, the trend gurus are focussing on tulles, voiles, cotton viscose, organza,  georgettes, and crepes. Our tip: keep the material pure so that the dress doesn’t irritate or cause allergy to your little one’s delicate skin. For winter, the predictions are in favour of silk, velvet, pure brocade and a minimalistic use of suede.

Embroidery and embellishments: Nature is being favoured here: a party dress embellished with nature motifs—roses (crafted from ribbons), embroidered flowers, butterflies are the popular picks. Depending on the main idea behind the dress, a variety of laces and ribbons can also be used. For boys, the motifs are equally fun—toadstools, caterpillars, creepers and climbers seem to be hot on the ramp.

Silhouettes: Though the fashion-istas might vouch for a particular trend, we really believe that this one depends on the child’s body structure. While a cute, chubby toddler might look perfect in a tutu dress, an older child might look better in an A-line dress which could be enhanced with multiple layers.  But broadly, the trend-o-meter is pointing towards, off-shoulder or strappy dresses with a fitted bodice. If going in for a dress with sleeves, the bohemian look is really in with puffed sleeves and asymmetrical cuts.

But whatever the styles of the season might be, focus first on the comfort of the child. A comfortable child is a happy child after all. Happy Shopping.


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