DIY: 5 ways to glamorize a dress at home
|   Jul 31, 2015
DIY: 5 ways to glamorize a dress at home

Is there a favourite dress of your toddler’s, that she is just not ready to let go? Then, give it a fashionable twist at home! We bring to you ideas on how to give an old dress, a new look at home.

Use ribbons: This is the quickest and the easiest way to add a new look to an old dress. Buy a broad ribbon, atleast 3-4 inches in width, and tie it around the waist of your child like a sash. Make a big bow and let the corners flow to make it pretty. Do not be afraid of experimenting with colours—go as unusual as possible.

Add a contrast colour: Just a dash of a new contrast colour, immediately can lift a dress to a new level. And with children, you can have fun experimenting. Think of adding a fuchsia frilly lace/net at the hem of a steel grey dress, or attaching a funky cute belt or pocket. Ethnic dresses can simply be adorned with a wide gota and lots of tassles.

Use broaches: Look for cute felt flowers, crochet motifs, showy bows etc. at art and craft shops. Simply paste a safety pin at the back and you have a readymade broach to deck your child’s dress up.

Recycle your old jewellery: Have a pearl necklace that you don’t know what to do? Or funky earrings? Get creative and use them to do up your child’s party dresses. Think, a string of pearls on the collar of a frock, or lots of earrings strung together and pinned as a broache. Interesting?

Wear it differently: Make your kid wear the dress with a new accessory, or a little differently this time around: for eg: stockings/leggings under an older pair of shorts, or a bolero over a frock, a pretty scarf pinned at the shoulders, an ethnic crop top with a jeans.

But at the end of the day, whatever your princess or dude wears,  in whatever way, she or he will still be the star at the party. Enjoy

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