Do heels in children expose them only to physical injuries? Know more!
|   Oct 13, 2015
Do heels in children expose them only to physical injuries? Know more!

We have seen the stars wearing them and their little diva daughters taking after the trend, but is it really acceptable for the young feet? We are talking about little girls in heels. One Hollywood star child, Suri Cruise, made it to the headlines when she was seen strutting around in a pair of heels, at more than one occasion, and she started really early…as young as three! But is it safe? We tell you the options:

Foot deformation: Adults who wear heels too frequently develop the problem of the shortening of tendon which gives them a foot ache.  And the structure of the bones is still forming at the age of 5-10. Wearing heels so early, can start off the problem of short tendons faster, and lead to unhealthy feet.

They can hurt themselves: Children are meant to play and run and that is what most of them like to do. But when they put themselves in heels, it limits their mobility or worse exposes them to the risk of disbalancing and falling. Imagine your child running in heels. Scared?

It affects their psychology: While we understand wearing heels for little girls is not correct for their physical development and is impractical too, but what about them growing up too fast. All little girls like to dress up..act grown up, play the princess etc., but this fashion statement can send the wrong message, that it may be sexualizing little ones.

It decreases the body strength: When a child wears heels, the knees take the brunt of it which in turn negatively affects the core of the body—reducing stamina and body strength. In short it means, that the body has to make an extra effort to keep itself stable and this tires the child out too fast, too soon.

But while your little one will still insist on wearing the heels, it is upto you how you choose to deal with it.  You can either say a complete no, keep it for special occasions, or let her have fun in them for a few minutes at home. We say the third is the best, what about you?

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