Dear Moms... Please Don't Make Excuses of Kids. Better Excuse Yourself !!!
|   Jun 22, 2017
Dear Moms... Please Don't Make Excuses of Kids. Better Excuse Yourself !!!

Ritika and Kritika are twin sisters who are married to two real brothers. They lived in same house but in different portions. Ritika with elder brother on ground floor and Kritika on first floor. They both expected almost on the same time with the gap of 2 months, so is the difference of age between their kids.

Ritika is super active to clean her house, other household chores and also to buy Grossary or other works like banking, shopping and outings. Kritika is kind of lazy person who usually left her work for tomorrow, messy and unorganized. 

Their kids are now almost 3 years old. But the difference is very wide in their parenting. Their maid is same who is always complaining that both sisters are very different. At Ritika's place she hardly took 45 minutes to whole work and at Kritika's house she took 2 hours to clean her house. When she complained for the same Kritika gave excuse of the kid that "Bache vale ghar ka to yehi haal hota hai". She wanted to say, "Didi, aapki behan ke bhi to bacha hai, same age ka, uske ghar mai to aisa haal nahi hota". But she kept quiet.

I asked her once, what is difference between two of them. How Ritika managed so well and Kritika do not. Sheela (the maid) explained like this:

Kritika's bedsheets and floors are sticky with the food items which she fed to her kid. All the toys and accessories are lying on the floor which sheela had to clear before mopping the floor. But Ritika, while feeding her kid, use one particular place and sheets. Her kid too create mess and spread food but only on that wide sheet. She dust off that sheet herself and put to wash immediately after feeding. The floor is clean all the time. Yes, her kid too spreads the toys everywhere but she herself picked that up before sheela start to mop. She does it by the time sheela wash the dishes. Sometimes, Ritika involves her kid to gather the toys and keep that on place.

Kritika do not clear the kitchen. She does it when sheela arrived and Kritika made her wait till she shifted big vessels stuff to small ones to keep in refrigerator. Her sink is always blocked with the leftover food in plates. She said, she has no time to even keep the plate in sink. But in Ritika's Kitchen sheela just clean the slab and dishes and its done. Because Ritika, clear her vessels just after everyone eats and put the leftovers in dustbin right then before keeping the plate in dustbin. It hardy took 10 seconds which can save the blocked sink and 10 minutes to clear that blockage.

Ritika well managed her outings with her husband as well as with her friends. She just planned and organized accordingly. On the other hand, Kritika does not go anywhere with an excuse that she has a small baby. 

Which kid in the world eats in one time but Kritika, only tried once to feed her baby. The moment baby denied to eat, she too denied to try to feed. Ritika, on the other hand, make her baby's feed time enjoyable.

Its true that moms dont get time for their own health and beauty, But nothing is impossible. Kritika always found in messy looks like she has not combed her hairs for years. But Kritika is always in freshen look.

Please Ladies... stop making excuses of kids. If we will behave like Kritika, our kids will also become like that. Kids follow elders. If elders will make excuse of kids, it is not done. Not at all. 

Kids are like "geeli mitti". How we stencil them, they will become. We have to stop making excuses of kids when we ourselves are not able to manage properly. It would be better to excuse ourselves from that kind of behaviour.

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Pooja Garg.

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